Calling all Shelties! Wanna have some fun?! Then join PEACE LOVE SHELTIES!

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Puff (In Loving Memory)

Sheltie Love
Barked: Mon Jul 19, '10 9:40am PST 
Hello fellow Shetland Sheepdogs wave

My name is Puff, now an Angel at the Rainbow Bridge. I've decided to create a FUN Dogster group called PEACE, LOVE, SHELTIES! If you'd like to join and get to meet and greet other Shetland Sheepdogs like yourself, please click here to visit the group homepage!

Once you are a member, there will be an endless amount of activities to do! You can invite other members, post your own picture, start threads, send messages to other Shelties, make new friends. We welcome any new member with open arms so please join today!

Peace, Love, Shelties! From the group administrator, Puff