Shelties and cats

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Barked: Wed Oct 31, '07 8:33am PST 
Does anybody have one or more Shelties and a cat? We would like to add a cat or kitten to our family but I'm wondering how that will go over with our almost 4 month old puppies. We're considering at the moment a 1 year old male cat that was fostered in a home with dogs, but I'm worried that because they're puppies, maybe they won't get along with a cat since we haven't had one in the house before. I realize there would be an adjustment period and we'd have to introduce them gradually, but I was wondering if anyone else has added a cat or kitten to their Sheltie 'family'. Are they likely to chase or herd a cat like they would a sheep, or to be more gentle like they are with children? Let me know if you've got any advice... thanks!! - Ace and Nova's mom
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Barked: Wed Oct 31, '07 10:51am PST 
My mistress has had a cat, but she died before she got me. From what she's read, Shelties are pretty good with cats. But, like any dog, make the introduction slow. Perhaps have your Sheltie and kitten on opposite sides of the door at the first meeting. It's always easier for dogs and cats to get along when they are introduced as puppies and kittens. Perhaps before you bring the kitten home, you could bring one of his toys for the Sheltie to sniff. That way the smeel will be familiar to him. Good luck!

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Barked: Wed Oct 31, '07 5:18pm PST 

I have two kitty sisters and we get along very well. We like to play chase in the living room and the only time I get grumpy is when they try to help me eat my chew stick. Then I have to tell them grrrrrrr and they go away. I like to sleep with my sister Bailey-Jane she really is nice and likes to clean my ears for me....

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Barked: Fri Nov 2, '07 9:41am PST 
We have adult cats who tell Piper when they don't want him to come too close. We are also training Piper to leave them alone when they react negatively. They may be friends some day but not yet.

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Barked: Fri Nov 2, '07 10:46pm PST 
Shelties are one of the best breeds with cats, because they were bred as caretakers of small sheep, and do not usually have much of a predator drive. I think that introducing a cat into a home with a Sheltie would work out fine. Most cats can get their bluff in on a Sheltie pretty quickly, as Shelties are pretty docile.

The kennel that we came from had a cat that lived there. It got along great with all the Shelties (and there were a lot of them) and she also loved to sleep with the young puppies!!! LOL


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Barked: Sat Nov 3, '07 3:33pm PST 
Scout came in after 4 cats .. so they rule the house not him .. older cats may have a hard time adjusting if they are not used to dogs. Scout gets along with 2 of them and likes to play, they let him know when they have had enough. The other 2 he avoids because they HATE him .. he gives a wide berth .. because he know what will happen. We have had blood shed and he knows not to push them.

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Barked: Sun Nov 4, '07 4:50am PST 
'Thanks for the comments everybody! We are going to try a cat for a week and see how both the puppies and the cat adjust. The place we're getting her from has a week long foster/trial period with the older cats to make sure they will be suitable for our family. We've got an area set aside that only the cat will be able to get into so she can have her litter box and food away from the dogs, which I hope will help. I really appreciate everybody's input... I'm feeling more confident about the situation now. Thanks again!' - Ace and Nova's mom

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Barked: Mon Nov 5, '07 4:56am PST 
Congratulations on your decision to "try out" a foster cat!applause

I just wanted to bark in a couple of experienced w/our cat, (although both of us Shelties are much older), just to give you the extra sheltie herd that shelties & cats DO mix! big grin

It took less than a week & the kitten & Chloe were laying together on the couch. A couple of days later she was giving the kitten kisses & now they play all the time. Oreo isn't as keen, as in, you won't find him cuddling but he will get excited seeing a game of chase w/Chloe & the cat & bark in & join Chloe playing. Only a few times will he play but maybe it's just age that keeps him at bay or maybe it's maternal instinct for Chloe? Who knows, she does act like a mother when I give the cat lip for doing something wrong wink She'll chase the cat more gggrrringly to join in on the reprimand.

Like you, the cat was in a foster home w/another dog, (although much larger).

Mommy's cuddle- muffin
Barked: Tue Nov 6, '07 8:27am PST 
'Thanks! The kitty is here and she seems to be doing okay. She doesn't seem afraid of the puppies, although she hisses when they get too close. We gave her the enclosed area for all her things, but she regularly comes out to see us in the living room (it's only baby gated off, so she can jump over but the puppies can't). The puppies are very curious, but learning to respect her when she tells them to back off. I appreciate everybody's comments!' - Ace and Nova's mom

Barked: Sat Nov 10, '07 7:50pm PST 
laugh out loudOkay, first, I apoligize for any misspellings, I'll proably be laughing my head off when I type this.laugh out loud

laugh out loud We have two cats, one hates Barkley, the other is his best friend. Harley (best friend) attacks Barkley, and they chase each other for hours. It's just play play play. Foosa (dog hater) will attack Barkley only if he is too close, but Barkley sees this as playing, and attacks her back. This is where it gets intresting. Foosa is hissing, growling, spitting, smacking (no claws), biting!!! Doing ANYTHING to get Barkley off, but because Barkley has such thick fur, he doesn't feel anything, and plays with her more.laugh out loud Very funny site!!! laugh out loud (As soon as Foosa gets away, such as in my lap, she is purring again, so its not like she is being tramatized)

We do tell Barkley to "Leave It" to leave her alone but sometimes it's just too funny. Also if the cats are out side and wont come in, he will go out and heard them in. Also very funny!laugh out loud