Sheltie eyes

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Lit'l Miss- Kentucky- "Sunshine"

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Barked: Thu Mar 27, '08 9:40pm PST 
Mom is worried about my left eye as it looks like I'm tearing (crying) all the time. Mom sometimes even thinks I have actually torn my eye, but looks and it is not. The vet checked me on Monday, and said it was an infection and gave mom some medicine to put in it twice a day. Have any of you had this ?
Dixie - Memorial

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Barked: Fri Mar 28, '08 9:29am PST 
Dixie has just started to do this in her left eye. Not a whole lot but enough that I clean it off every morning. The vet said it's allergies and not to worry since it's not bad...
Gray Dawn- Treader

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Barked: Fri Mar 28, '08 11:15am PST 
I had dry eye in December. The vet gave mistress drops to put in my eyes once a day for a whole week. YOUCH!


Barked: Fri Mar 28, '08 11:28am PST 
Gio got an eye infection about a year back. Could have been anything, really. The vet stained his eye and found a small scratch that was likely the cause. Said it could have been anything from a bit of dust getting in there to wrestling with some of his dog buddies. Nothing major though and the drops we got cleared it up in just a few days.

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Barked: Fri Mar 28, '08 7:10pm PST 
Jayna had a form of infection when we got her. We think the breeder got dye in her eye from the multiple times he tried to tatoo her (none of which took).

All of my shelties get allergies in the spring. They get lovely whitish/greenish goobies in their eyes, which eventually goes away. I also have drops to put in when they are bad.

If you are asking if there is a better way to give the drops, I find that kneeling on the floor, put the dog between your knees, but closest to you. Tip their head back towards you, bringing the snout up. With one hand, hold the snout in your head, and use a finger or thumb to pull the skin abit around the eye. Use the other hand to squeeze in the drops. If you are quick it works great. They don't really get it. Give them a cookie right after. It also allows you to control their body, and if they try to get away, there is still more body to grab!
Lit'l Miss- Kentucky- "Sunshine"

You are my- Sunshine!!
Barked: Fri Mar 28, '08 11:09pm PST 
The vet gave us a cream to put in the eye. It does seem to be some better, but we're not well with it yet.
I waz wondering about the eye problems that can run in the sheltie breed - I've not had the time yet to research it enough.
Angie- (Rockwood)

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Barked: Tue Apr 1, '08 12:26pm PST 
My duo have not had any eye problems. I don't think there is a genetic eye problem that is specific to shelties. Angie had her eyes checked (and certified) before she was bred, but I believe that was for something that multiple breeds have. It's been awhile though, so my memory may be failing me on that.

-Angie's Mom

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Barked: Wed Apr 2, '08 9:13pm PST 
There is such thing as sheltie eye, but it is something that is only seen with a special tool the opthamologist has, and it best detected before the dog is 4 months old. It is called collie eye, not sheltie eye. Normally though, it would not cause symptoms you are describing, usually things like limited sight abd blindness. It has something to do with the pigment in the eye, if I remember correctly. Google it, you should find some info the net.

My first 3 shelties have all had their eyes tested, Lexi was good, Duncan had an inny eyelash, and Mila had a hyloid that I need to get rechecked (once again, doesn't cause symptoms as you describe).