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All my life I wanted a dog, my father won't let me get one because responsibly, and it destroying the house. I am starting a dog walking business so money won't be problem, any advice? Reasonable prices for walking 3 miles.

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Your father is right for the most because dogs are a huge responsibility and generate tons of expenses, which he may or may not be able to handle even with your help. It's great of you to do the business and collect some cash as it could possibly cover the start-up cost (adoption fee and/or supplies, but the yearly expenses are far more.

Basic Cost of Owning a Dog:
Food and Treats $250 - $700
Toys $25 - $150
Beds $20 - $150
Leashes and Collar $20 - $50
Grooming $30 - $500
Routine Veterinary Care $500 - $1000
Preventive Medications and Supplements $100 - $300
Training Classes or Resources $25 - $300
Petsitters or Boarding $100 - $500
Average Yearly Total $1100- $3600
Average Monthly Cost of Owning a Dog $90-290

Take the above into consideration when planning to help pay for expenses. As far as your business rates go, I'm sure it is more appropriate to charge based on the timed length of the walk (30mins, 60mins, etc).

Depending on your skill/certification and the temperament of the dog, I'd suggest you charge about $10 per 30-minutes per dog. To get some more money at once, you should definitely offer discounts either when they hire you as their full-time dog walker and pay in advance OR if they have multiple dogs they want you to walk.
For example: If they want you as their dog walker for two 30-minute walks daily, instead of asking them $10 each time, offer $100 for the week in advance. Then, they have the temptation of saving more, and you get more money in advance altogether!

I would also recommend (if you're within age limit) to register on care.com or dogvacay.com for your services, put some flyers around town, and contact some locals!

Hope this helps!

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