Doggy on my door-step....

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the world's- first blond,- agility Beagle
Barked: Thu Dec 12, '13 4:58pm PST 
This morning my 3 dogs were barking at the usual invisible intruder, but they were unusually convincing today. I walked out to the front porch 3 times, told them they were nuts and to hush.

The 4th time I walked all the way out to the corner of the house. Sure enough, they were right, there is a dog on the porch. I did a double take, it was a skinny, cold, scared male Rottweiler.

I fed him and put a blanket out for him, then a space heater. He curled up for keeps on the blanket and seemed content.

Dog on my door-step
He only got within 3 feet of me, with one paw lifted - so scared!

With the help of Doggy downers from Animal control we loaded up the poor guy and they took him to the Vet.
His back story; He was a guard dog for a Hartford drug dealer. Dealer got busted, dog was sent to the pound. Before they could get him in to a kennel, he got loose and has been on the run for 13 days.

News on Dec 2

Fritz, cats are- fun when they- run
Barked: Fri Dec 13, '13 8:13am PST 
Dangerous dog???? Poor guy, do you think he will find a new home? The news story sure looks bad for him. Can you notify a Rottweiler rescue for him?

I love sitting- in laps
Barked: Fri Dec 13, '13 8:52am PST 
Yup. I still hate humans. Poor guy. I too hope he's able to find a home.

Toto, CD,- RN, CGC

We don't- doodle!!!
Barked: Fri Dec 13, '13 12:24pm PST 
IMO, doesn't say much for the pound!!! Hope none of my guys ever get lost there.

forever loved
Barked: Fri Dec 13, '13 4:21pm PST 
They made the dog sound like a monster!shock Like people should be hiding indoors with all their windows and doors locked because an escaped convict was on the loose! I've never seen an article report on a stray dog quite like that before, very strange.thinking
Def agree it doesn't say much for the pound, and they don't seem to understand much about fear aggression either. Hope someone can save the poor boy.frown
Holly - CGC TDI

Squirrel?- Squrirrel!- SQUIRRELLLLL!!!!
Barked: Fri Dec 13, '13 4:30pm PST 
Vicious?? Oh boy... He looks like a poor sad old boy. I sure hope he finds a good retirement home to give him the love he deserves!

Beauty and the- Beast
Barked: Fri Dec 13, '13 8:04pm PST 
Poor guy. I don't even think a rescue group would be able to get him out of the pound since the way his temperament was described. The guy probably had a sad life with a potential sad ending. There are so many well behaved dogs that do not get adopted and are put down.

the world's- first blond,- agility Beagle
Barked: Fri Dec 13, '13 9:31pm PST 
After 2 bowls of food, a blanket, and a space heater, the dog fell sound asleep. He has not been aggressive with me, but he is clearly fearful and doesn't trust people. I knelt down, not looking at him and with my side to him and he came and sat 3 feet away. He lifted his paw and looked just miserable. He wanted to trust me, anyone, but he just can't.

ACO brought pills to give him in food to knock him out. 10 pills later he is very groggy, but now hyper-vigilant - not good. As soon as the ACO tried to loop the catch pole over his head the dog went into fight and flight (flight not working so well with drugs in his system). It took 4 of us to get him crated.

Last night, as I tried to sleep, all I could think is, "They won't be able to handle the dog, he won't let them. He's a dead dog."
I got confirmation this morning.
I wasn't surprised, but I am heartbroken.
I may have been the first person that wasn't afraid of him, that was kind to him. He was on the run for 13 days. Many sightings in that time and in every case he ran away. I don't know if he was just too tired to run anymore, or if he really made a choice to let me help him.
Now I feel like I sold him out.
As a trainer, I know he would have been months and months of counter conditioning to get him to trust anyone. He would never be safe with new people. I don't know about animals, he didn't try to approach my dogs. If confined to a kennel, every day would be 1 step forward and 2 back. Kennel life is not good for a fearful dog with aggression issues.

The only thing I wish, is that I could have been with him when they put him to sleep, so he would know someone cared. cry

the world's- first blond,- agility Beagle
Barked: Fri Dec 13, '13 9:42pm PST 
Please note: He was not a stray dog. His origin was known.
His owner was a drug dealer in Hartford and was not caring for the dog very well. He was skinny when they arrested his owner and took the dog.
All he knows of people is they are either abusive, or afraid of him. He has always used aggression to keep himself safe.
I have rehabilitated a fear biter. Sonny was a 40 pound adolescent so I could physically manage him. He also had a half-way decent history of being playful in the Louisiana ASPCA kennels.
Shiver Me- Timbers- "Charlie"

My Little Dog, a- heartbeat at my- feet.<3
Barked: Sat Dec 14, '13 12:52am PST 
Gosh... This story makes me think of Maya when I first started working with her. Trusted very few people, and was too afraid to trust newcomers. Would go into flight or fight and if she had the chance, would scare them off... Took A LOT of time and effort to train her that people were okay... This breaks my heart... That poor dog... I hate people... Thank you for giving him that last little bit of trust, friendship, a warm bed, and a full belly before he went...
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