please help this dog before he gets put down

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Please help us. My daughter has a Jack Russell mixed with Chihuahua although to me he looks more JR, anyway this dog is a neutered male, 5 yrs old and is very aggressive. We don’t know how he became so aggressive because my daughter has had him since he was a puppy and he was a wonderful dog until the last few years. He will bite and has been living in her back patio (enclosed) but its no way to live. She loves him so much and has reached out to all florida rescues and everyone keeps turning her down because they don’t want to deal with an aggressive dog. I have suggested she have him put down but she refuses to make that decision. She loves him and feels he is worthy of rehabilitation. She has faith and hope that he will get better. I am not sure its safe. She has to do special maneuvers to get him to go with her outside and feeding him is a huge ordeal. This is no way for either of them to live. PLEASE CAN SOMEONE HELP???? We feel that someone is equipped to deal with such a dog and or can rehab him successfully. Do we have to put him down? He is too young to give up on. He was neutered late (only last year or two) but it only settled him down for a while….

He is a beautiful dog and I know there is an angel out there who can put him in a sanctuary for aggressive dogs or rehabilitate him….either way any animal lover would not resort to putting a dog down without trying everything first.

If you can offer help please contact me…..


The dog lives in Lehigh Acres, Florida (outside of Fort Myers)

832-727-8303 or 239-777-2419

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No, a lot of rescues will not work with human aggressive dogs and there is a reason: nobody wants an aggressive dog, not even its current owner, your daughter.

Question: why doesn't she hire a dog behavior expert to try to deal with the aggression issue instead of trying to offload it on someone else. Since she had the dog since it was a puppy, these problems arose in her care so why not deal with them?

IMO, either your daughter puts some effort and money in trying to fix up the mess by working with someone on the dog's behavior and the way she treats/interacts with the dog (where did the aggression begin? what caused it?)or put the poor dog down. Living in isolation is no way to live for a dog and it's certainly not helping his issues.