Shouldn't all rescues spay/neuter before adoption?

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Barked: Wed Dec 11, '13 2:33pm PST 
Thank you all for your responses.

This past Saturday was an adoption event and I took my foster. So many things happened that were not okay, I am confused of how to proceed. One that made me really upset was some questionable looking people came up and asked about pitbulls, and my foster was said to be a beagle/hound...but now she is pit x, and instead of being 7-8 months she was 4-5 months, and going to be 75 lbs ( really more like 50). Everything they said to them was a lie to try and get them to adopt this dog, I was livid. Then a owner return that was adopted out 3 wks before, was adopted out at 150...now her adoption fee is 80, well until a breeder said she looked purebred English setter, then her fee was changed to 300. Now this one is the worst, there was an owner return, deaf dog( wasn't adopted out knowing he was deaf), he was returned 2 weeks ago, and has now been in 4 differenst fosters, because different reasons, cat chasing, mean to small dogs, so on on...well a family with older kids was looking for a dog, and they had a very sweet chocolate lab, still young, I think they said 15 months...well she is a typical young lab with absolutely no training..the rescue was trying to convince this family that the deaf dog would be a perfect fit, yet they have failed to train a hearing dog...I just don't get it.

I am so done, but I dont think I can give up on my foster. She has came so far in the short time I have had her...however at the adoption events I can't hold her leash because she guards me..she is okay when someone else has her, but she reverts back to her old scared ways. I know I don't want to adopt her, which is hypocritical since I want to be picky about who does adopt her. I just want her next home to be her last, and I want the one who does adopt her to understand it will take her 2 wks or so to readjust, seems the people adopting from this rescue don't give these dogs time. She use to be a submissive urinator, but has completely overcome that...however I see it being something she would revert back to in a new environment, atleast at first.

It is wrong I want to be so picky but don't want to commit to being her family forever? I also do not have any desire to have a dog going through a heat cycle confused
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