Need a new home for 2 5 month old Beagles - anyone interested?

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Barked: Sun Nov 3, '13 4:03pm PST 
Hi! I hope this message will be seen

My Mommy's friend Jane, volunteers at the ASPCA in NYC (Manhattan). She just told me that she met 2 5 month old Beagles who were returned to the ASPCA because the owner's apartment was too small

They are very cute & are so young & in need of a good home.... they do, however, have to be adopted together.

Can anyone help? Please respond & I will forward your response to Jane & hopefully these two little babies will find a happy, new home together.

Thank you.

Love, Janine, Chloe & Cinnamon

forever loved
Barked: Mon Nov 4, '13 12:56pm PST 
Hope they find good homes soon. Why do they need to be adopted together? I would think it would be better for them to be adopted out separately. All the advice I've heard on pups is it's not a good idea to be getting two together, especially if they are litter mates.thinking

Chloe's got Mom- wrapped around- her paws
Barked: Mon Nov 4, '13 12:58pm PST 
Hi Twister - thank you for responding - I don't know why but I think because they have bonded together - but that's the condition of the adoption.

ASPCA in NY is pretty good but I thought I would step in because my friends generally deals with cats hug


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Barked: Tue Nov 5, '13 12:45pm PST 
IMO at five months, they can't really be considered a "bonded pair". That designation is usually reserved for dogs that have lived together for some time (years) and not litter mates. I think it might hurt them in the end because not too many people are looking to adopt two puppies at the same time. I'd definitely suggest to reconsider that condition as they are too young to be a bonded pair.

Best of luck.