Looking for someone to adopt an abused dog that bites

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We adopted a beautiful white Terrier about 4 years ago from the streets where we found him. Without any identification (we asked around the neighborhood and no one had seen him before) but with signs of malnourishment, we brought him into our home and cared for him. He is an amazing and healthy dog, but unfortunately we believe that as a puppy he was severely abused. Although he is incredibly loyal and playful, it seems that the abusive experience he had to go through is still having an impact on him and sometimes he bites or in occasions he losses it for about 30 seconds and starts barking and attacking until he calms down. Usually from this episodes nothing happens, the times he has bitten have been either when we were putting his collar on, or when we were playing with him. We can no longer care for him, we now have babies on the house (our granddaughters) over the weekends and because we no longer trust him around strangers or kids/babies, we leave him in the yard or in one of the rooms while they are in the house. Even though we love him and he sleeps in our room next to our bed, we walk him around the neighborhood several times a day, he also loves playing and running for balls, and is fully trained to go to the bathroom (he never has gone inside the house) we however no longer trust him so we no longer pet him, afraid that he would bite us again.

We do not want to euthanize him nor do we want to bring him to a shelter afraid that the next owner would have small children or put him down after he has an episode or bites someone. We want him to go with someone that knows of his history and problems (probably very much related to being abused) but can still appreciate the amazing dog he is.

I know people usually do not go for dogs that bite, but we believe he does not deserve to be euthanized. If you are interested in adopting him (or know of anyone that would) and would like to know more about our dog Charlie, please just drop me a line to ef2423@yahoo.com.

Thanks for your time and help!

Ed (from Florida)

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Have you tried taking him to a dog trainer or behaviorist? I would try those 2 things before you consider giving him up. I highly doubt anyone would want to take on a dog that bites.

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Based on how sudden these behaviors are (fine one minute, biting the next) and the fact that there is fly snapping involved, it honestly sounds to me like this aggression is probably seizures. You might want to talk to a vet about getting the dog on medication. It should at least decrease the incidence of these behaviors, if they are in fact seizures, and make him much more adoptable even if you still can't keep him.


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I agree that you should have a vet check him out. I would also have his thyroid tested. If there is a problem with it, it could cause aggression.