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Barked: Sat Jul 27, '13 2:27pm PST 
This is long, but please read!

Alright, so unfortunately I'm in the process of having to rehome one of my furkids. I've recently had another dog kind of thrown into my lap which makes a grand total of three 50lb dogs in a 2 bedroom apartment. Believe me, it's a bit cramped. So, the best behaved and youngest (1 yr 4 months) of the three is getting rehomed. A Lab mix. I don't rehome my dogs lightly. Granted, this is the first time I've ever had to.. but I'm not just just giving him to the first person that wants him.

Ok, now to the story. I had an older lady I work with who was immediately interested in him. She had had a Lab before and just a few years ago had to put her down due to age, she was 15. I told her a bit about my Griffin and let him go for a "sleepover" about a week ago. He had diarrhea the whole time he was over there due to the fact that he had shredded a plastic food bowl the day before that I had forgotten about. She utterly panicked over this saying he must have some kind of intestinal worm and he was sick. I assured her that was not the case, considering i had just taken ALL of them to the vet the previous week and all was good. Plus, if it was intestinal, my other 2 would be sick too.. and they weren't. So he came back home with me and that night his stools were firm again.

At work, I told her a bit more about him. I told him he is still a pup and isn't 100% bomb proof trained. That he does need someone who can train out a few of his bad habits and work on his separation anxiety as well as have the energy to keep him exercised. Well, she decided she wanted to give it one more try. So she took him on Thursday (25th) and he'll be back home tomorrow (28th). The problem I have is that this whole weekend, all I've heard about is everything he's done wrong. "He had an accident in the house!" "He got into the dog treats!" "He chewed up stuff in our laundry room!" (Which is where the separation anxiety comes in).

This is my concern. I'm worried she and her husband are expecting a LOT from a not even 1.5 year old LAB who I've said needs some work. He's not perfect, he has some things that need to be worked on and I've told them that. I worry that they are expecting him to act like their 15 yr old Lab did. Which is NOT going to happen. I also worry that if he doesn't act exactly how they expect him to right off the bat, they're going to either regret getting him and dump him back in my lap or at a shelter.

So here I am worrying about all this and realizing that if things don't work out with them, I don't have a back up plan. So I put up an ad on my local classifieds site and wrote a huge description about exactly what I expect in a prospective "adopter" and what they should expect from Griffin. Within an hour I got a text from someone wanting to meet him. I started talking to her and this family sounds AMAZING for him. Its a mom and her 2 daughters that recently moved into a new 4 story house with a securely fenced in yard. They also all have experience with training multiple dogs and experience with rescue dogs (which Griffin is). They are also a moderately active family and someone will always be home with him.

I am going to meet them this week with Griffin so I can meet the family and see the house and yard. I've already asked her a million questions and they seem perfect, but I still want to meet them first and give Griff a "trial run" with them.

My only problem is the lady I work with. Now, I NEVER told her that she was 100% getting Griffin. I still hadn't decided if I even wanted him to go to her. And with everything that I've heard from her and seen, I don't know for sure if that is the best home for my boy. I told her that someone else is interested in him and she acts like I'm stealing her dog from her. When in reality, I had never told her that she could absolutely have him. I just want whats best for my boy!

What do I do!? cryred face