Gorgeous AKC Golden up for Adoption in Houston, TX

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We are forced to put our precious dog, Bella up for adoption. We are very sad but it is unavoidable. She is 5 yrs old, red in color & very tall & beautiful. She never barks, is so sweet & laid back, has never had an accident & has never chewed anything! Her only problem is a fear of strangers reaching for her or putting their faces down approaching her. With someone who has experience in training dogs, I know she could overcome this. She curls her lip to warn them to back off & she has snapped before. It is worse with small kids because they are eye level with her & loud & scare her. But if she knows you, you can rub your face all over hers, or do anything to her or with her. She is the biggest lover & sweetheart! She has become this way because the person she loved most & adored has abandoned her. Now she is not getting the needed exercise & attention. I have checked into the Golden Rescue but their website says if they growl or anything, they won't take them. Please, please, please, help me find a loving home for her. She is healthy (a little chubby right now without exercise), spade of course & is well taken care of
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Maybe try contacting her breeder to see if they could take her back or help find her a home?


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I agree with Nare. Your FIRST call should be her breeder. ALL responsible breeders want their dogs returned if owners can not keep them. I am a bit puzzled about your statement that she is "this way" because the person she "loved most abandoned her." Dogs are resilient & can handle a lot more than we think. Why hasn't someone stepped up to fill that void? Why is she not getting training & exercise? I think there is more to this story than you are saying. Why not hire a behaviorist to work with you & fix her issues?
You can open a free account here on Dogster & list her as adoptable on her profile.