I don't get this PETA video

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Addy, CGC

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Barked: Tue Apr 9, '13 10:52pm PST 
Dino, PETA has repeatedly refused requests for any explanation of the standards they use to determine pets need to be euthanized, or any evaluations of individual animals, or even who does the evaluations, since they don't have a staff vet.

Apparently, you don't know about the North Carolina case, where they were proved in court to have killed healthy, adoptable animals almost immediately after taking custody of them, after promising to find them good homes.
SFGate article

News-Herald article

They were acquitted of animal cruelty on the grounds that the animals had been surrendered to PETA, and therefore PETA was free to kill them if it chose to. They were, however, convicted of "littering", because they dumped the bodies in the dumpster outside a Piggly-Wiggly supermarket.

They are not the noble animal lovers you want to believe in.
Addy, CGC

Let's go for a- walk!
Barked: Tue Apr 9, '13 11:15pm PST 
As for your links to the "truth," sorry, but PETA is not a source that is credible, particularly when they are grinding their anti-No Kill axe.

Tompkins County has been an open admission, No Kill shelter since 2001. They have a live release rate of 95% or higher, euthanizing only when euthanizing, ending a life because the individual is irredeemably suffering.

UPAWS (Upper Peninsula Animal Welfare, in Michigan) transitioned to No Kill over two years, 2006-2008, and are open admission with a save rate/live release rate of 93%.

The Nevada Humane Society in Reno, Nevada became an open admission No Kill shelter in 2007, and has a live release rate of 90% or higher.

These are three different open admission No Kill shelters in three different parts of the country in really different communities--and they're only a small sample. There are dozens, all over the country.

They do it with good care, good marketing of animals available for adoption, cooperation with other organizations, and hours and policies that make them accessible to working families wanting to adopt or looking for missing pets so they can reclaim them. They get animals into homes, in part because they don't start from the assumption that pets who don't currently have homes are "unwanted" or disposable.

Unlike PETA, they believe that pets have a right live rather than being killed as excess and unwanted.
Dino - (R.I.P. - 4/12/2011)

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Barked: Wed Apr 10, '13 5:46am PST 
The incident in 2005, which you posted the links for, is about two employees of PETA. We can't know if they were acting on their own, or with the organizations blessings.
We also don't know the condition of the animals in question. They are refered to as unwanted or injured in the article.
Without more information, we can't assume the shelter didn't dump unhealthy/untreatable animals on PETA.
Shame on PETA's employees for not telling them they would be euthanised.
I hope those two were fired. I bet not.

As I said, I don't want to get a rep for defending PETA….but the entire system is flawed.
THE SYSTEM and our society leads to the death/euthanisation of these animals.

We can keep calling PETA the bad guys, they don't seem to mind.
We can keep educating individuals to spay/neuter, not to buy from pet stores, mills or breeders, to PLEASE rescue from shelters.


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Barked: Wed Apr 10, '13 8:31am PST 
Maybe Dino is an undercover PETA agent... dun dun dun... laugh out loud

But seriously, they've launched horrific stunts like scarring children with bloody messages, seizing/stealing service animals, referencing the holocaust when they themselves hold very disturbing conferences/meetings, etc. You don't see anything wrong with that?

Service animals, by the way, like their jobs. They wouldn't do it if they didn't dog
Addy, CGC

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Barked: Wed Apr 10, '13 8:39am PST 
No, Dino, sorry, they were PETA employees representing PETA, using the PETA kill van. The people claiming the animals were injured or ill are the PETA employees.

The representatives of the shelters, and the veterinarian, all say the animals they turned over were healthy and adoptable, and surrendered to PETA based on promises that PETA would find them homes.

Also, the manager of the Piggly Wiggly in whose dumpster the animals were dumped, testified that the animals he found in his dumpster showed no signs of injury, and did not appear to have been ill--they were at healthy weights, sleek, etc..

And if you don't want to get a reputation for always defending PETA, don't accept everything they say about both themselves and others as the pure and perfect objective truth, while rejecting everything from anyone else, including very similar testimony from multiple different sources, as lies.

You can't put lipstick on this pig. PETA has marketed an image for decades, but more and more people are speaking up about their real experiences with PETA, and it's not a pretty picture.

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Barked: Wed Apr 10, '13 10:54am PST 
Dino would have been killed if he walked through the doors at PETA headquarters just for being a Pit Bull. They support BSL and if it was up to them the only way Pit Bulls would leave shelters is in a body bag. There is a letter floating around by Ingrid Newkirk herself who refers them as nothing but weapons owned by thugs and cites the numerous Pit Bull attack news blurbs as reason why BSL should be supported. She also says anyone who REALLY loves dogs won't be affected by breed bans because they can just go get a different breed at the shelter. The letter used to be on Bad Rap's website, but it seems it was taken down when they redid their webpage.

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Toto, CD, RN, CGC

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Barked: Wed Apr 10, '13 12:06pm PST 
They are also quite well known for going to dog shows and releasing all the dogs from their kennels... what that proves is beyond me, all it results in is potential injury and death to those poor released dogs and serious mental anquish to their owners.

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Barked: Wed Apr 10, '13 1:00pm PST 
The only detail offered is that most of the dogs and cats were owner surrendered.
In 2010 they list 2,298 owner surrendered pets, 44 strays, for a total of 2,342.
Of those 2,301 were euthanised. The bulk of euthanised animals were owner surrendered pets that had 3 paws in the grave already.

Seriously, over TWO THOUSAND owner surrenders were ALL not behaviorally or medically able to be adopted out? That number doesn't seem ridiculously fishy to you? I don't know ANY shelter that euthanizes TWO THOUSAND animals per YEAR that doesn't have anywhere near the kind of funding PeTA has. This statistic sickens me, doesn't make me feel better. It makes me feel even worse about them.

41 pets taken in were considered healthy/treatable, and could be placed.

Again. 41. Out of THOUSANDS. This seems totally legit and normal? It's not. They make me ill, period.
Augusta,- CGC, RN

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Barked: Wed Apr 10, '13 7:17pm PST 
Ingrid Newkirk quoted from the article Addy linked to, which originated with a New Yorker (very reputable mag) interview:

Newkirk also told the New Yorker the world would be a better place without people. She explained why she had herself sterilized: "I am opposed to having children. Having a purebred human baby is like having a purebred dog; it's nothing but vanity, human vanity."

What exactly is a "purebred" human baby!?
eek How many ways can you spell "crazy" when it comes to this woman?
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