I don't get this PETA video

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Sanka- I'll Miss- You

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Barked: Sun Apr 7, '13 6:33pm PST 

So, they're angry at "no-kills" because they don't take in every animal?
Addy, CGC

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Barked: Sun Apr 7, '13 10:51pm PST 
PETA's position is that No Kill is Very Bad because the only ways to be No Kill, they claim, is to either turn away animals in need, or to be hoarders, warehousing animals in small, crowded, uncleaned cages where the animals suffer.

In fact there are open admission, No Kill shelters all over the country, dozens of them now, who don't warehouse suffering animals in bad conditions, because they have good, effective adoption programs that get animals into good homes, or into foster care, or transferred to one of those limited admission shelters or rescues when there's space available at one that's a better match for the animal.

It all makes perfect sense when you remember that in PETA's view, animals are suffering terribly by being our loved pets, that they are better off dead, and that PETA's own "shelter" kills nearly everything that comes in the door, within hours of arrival.

Yes, PETA thinks limited admission shelters are Very Bad, rather than just one piece of how we care for animals in need.

Barked: Mon Apr 8, '13 5:04pm PST 
PETA is just crazy. And definitely does not advocate animal lovers, more like people haters. laugh out loud

Dino - (R.I.P. - 4/12/2011)

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Barked: Tue Apr 9, '13 8:02am PST 
I'm sorry, you are incorrect. No kill shelters are NOT open admission.

I work as a student trainer at a very reputable no-kill shelter in Connecticut. Very few dogs can be taken in because we have 'lifers'. The shelter is nice, new, clean. The dogs are very well cared for and trained by volunteers under a professional trainer. But they live in a kennel. It sucks. It's Jail.

The adoption rate is okay. But the number of dogs that leave is far less than the number of dogs needing a shelter. And sadly, they do have to suggest kill shelters as an alternate if they can't take an animal.

And they flat out WILL refuse to take a dog if they don't think they can re-home it.

This same shelter is one of the ones that refused to take in Dino. Dino was euthanised by his owner because no one would take him. (He was fearful of other dogs)

I know PETA isn't popular with most on Dogster. But I'm getting tired of people misquoting their euthanasia statistics and bashing them in general.

PETA wants zero population growth. Spay. Neuter. Don't breed. Simple and it might just work.

Until then, pets will die because there are just more pets, than there are homes to keep them.

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Barked: Tue Apr 9, '13 12:57pm PST 
Actually, Dino, they want no pets period and their own shelter has a higher kill rate than some of the worst cities in the country AND they've been known to pull adoptable dogs only to immediately kill them in the back of their death vans.

I've never heard of them coming up with something better.
Addy, CGC

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Barked: Tue Apr 9, '13 3:21pm PST 
Your shelter is not every shelter. There are, in fact, dozens of open admission No Kill shelters around the country, the oldest being Tompkins County, NY.

PETA's "shelter" has a kill rate over 90%, every year, for over a decade (the time period during which they have been required to file reports with the state of Virginia).

They have stayed openly that they consider being a pet morally equivalent to slavery. They want no contact between humans and animals, and advocate for the sterilization of ALL domestic animals, so that there will not be future generations, the capture and killing of all feral cats, and, while they are willing to allow currently living dogs of most breeds to live out their lives, the advocate the immediate killing of all "pit bulls."

They have been proven in court to take healthy, highly adoptable animals with a promise to find them good homes, and kill them within minutes of taking custody of them.

And none of the underfunded public animal control shelters in Virginia has a kill rate even close to that of PETA, which had millions in annual revenue.

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Barked: Tue Apr 9, '13 7:35pm PST 
Hard to misquote something that's publicly available record.
Dino - (R.I.P. - 4/12/2011)

I\'m not looking- at the- bone....AM TOO!
Barked: Tue Apr 9, '13 8:09pm PST 
I don't want to get a reputation for always defending PETA. There are a few rotten apples is every bunch, PETA is no exception.

BUT… The basic belief of the organization is NOT to abolish pets or domesticated animals, but to reduce the population so no shelter has to euthanize a healthy, adotable animal.
I included a link to PETA's response to euthanasia…
Peta on Euthanasia

PETA's stand on Companion animal homelessness…End companion animal homelessness

You can't have it both ways! Open admission shelters can't possibly re-home every animal, and they don't allow "lifers" as a no-kill shelter does. They have no choice but to euthanise animals that they can't place.
The truth about open admission shelters

The truth about no-kill…
PETA on No-Kill shelters

And lets clear up PETA's stand on pets.

And, yes, PETA doesn't want any more Pit Bulls to be bred. They are the most abused, disposed of, euthanised dog breed and the primary breed in many shelters.
The Shelter I work for has mostly Pit Bulls or Pit mixes.
Other breeds get adopted.
PETA does not hate Pits, they hate what humans do to them.

Now, about those statistics;
The kill rate at the Virginia shelter is high if the spayed/neutered and returned pets volume is taken out of the figures. PETA does not kill healthy, adoptable pets. PETA is the dumping ground for the sickest, most aggressive, least social pets.

BTW: The no-kill, open admission shelter in Tompkins, NY has a statistic page also:
SPCA statistics

The difference between the statistic pages is all in the 'spin'. The ASPCA includes the condition of all animals (healthy/treatable or unhealthy/untreatable) PETA does not. Just the numbers.

Dino was not accepted by the shelter I work for. The Humane Society of Connecticut would have taken him. They are open admission and while they do not claim to be a No-Kill, they do not limit the time an animal has to be adopted. As I said, they would have taken Dino, but they were honest with his owner. They determined Dino would not be able to be rehabilitated, so the HS would have to put him down.
A perfectly healthy 3 year old dog.
Just because he was a Pit mix and afraid of other dogs. Not aggressive. Just a shaking mess.
Addy, CGC

Let's go for a- walk!
Barked: Tue Apr 9, '13 9:06pm PST 
Dino, the spayed/neutered and returned pets were never PETA's property, any more than the pet you take to the local vet is for spay or neuter is the vet's property until you pick it up. They don't count in the kill rate statistics. Really. Seriously. They do not count.

The State of Virginia requires "shelters," which is how PETA chooses to classify its facility, to report the number of animals received for adoption and the ultimate fate of those animals--adopted, transferred to another facility, or killed.

The animals brought to PETA's spay/neuter clinic for the purpose of spay/neuter, and picked up by their owners after the surgery, were not ever "surrendered for the purpose of adoption."

Their kill rate is over 90%, and in some years is as high as 97%. There is no shelter in VA, except this one, that has a kill rate remotely that high.

And then there's conditions in the "shelter" itself. Here's the 2010 VA Dept. of Agriculture inspection report.
The website it's posted on is a biased site, and I wouldn't recommend relying on anything that isn't a government report, but they are smart partisans, and they don't fake government reports. If you don't want to believe them, you can request a copy of the report from the State of Virginia for yourself--and they know that.

In PETA, the rot starts at the top. Ingrid Newkirk at the start of her career worked in a kill shelter, and went in early on kill days so that she could do the killing. She talks about this in her book; no one is misquoting her.

These are evil people, and if they got their hands on your pit bull, any pit bull, that pit bull, even more than other breeds, would be dead. Along with HSUS, PETA used the Vick dogs to raise funds, soliciting contributions "to care for the Vick dogs", when not only did they never have custody of any of the Vick dogs, but also they were advocating to have them all killed as soon as they were no longer needed as evidence. HSUS has since rethought this and changed their position on pit bulls seized from fighting situations, advocating individual evaluations. PETA has not. PETA still advocates killing every single pit bull seized in any dog fight raid, including puppies born in foster care after the dogs were seized.

They are evil people. They are not friends of animals, or friends of people who keep pets. Or who even want the dog and cat species to continue to exist.
Dino - (R.I.P. - 4/12/2011)

I\'m not looking- at the- bone....AM TOO!
Barked: Tue Apr 9, '13 9:46pm PST 
Yes, the Stats are public. And they are lacking in details.
The only detail offered is that most of the dogs and cats were owner surrendered.
In 2010 they list 2,298 owner surrendered pets, 44 strays, for a total of 2,342.
Of those 2,301 were euthanised. The bulk of euthanised animals were owner surrendered pets that had 3 paws in the grave already.
41 pets taken in were considered healthy/treatable, and could be placed.

A stroll through PETA's photo gallery is sickening. These pets weren't surrendered due to financial downfalls or bad pet behavior. The animals are horribly sick or injured.

PETA doesn't make excuses for it's kill-rate. But they do defend the need to end suffering when they have a sick or injured pet dumped on them.

The only real and provable story I have about PETA, is they picked up an intact dog as a stray, neutered it and then the owner didn't want his "stud" dog back, so the dog was adopted out. If that is as bad as it gets, my blessings.

Beyond that, I believe PETA when they say that 2,301 pets that they euthanised in 2010 were beyond human intervention/help.
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