Needing a home for my medical mystery shar pei. *please read, very long*

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This should make it easier smile

Cute Jack!


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Thank you!! smile

forever loved
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Oh, poor boy! Can still see that he is stinkin cute though!! smile
Don't have any advice, but I hope you get everything figured out, and he gets better soon!hug

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Hope you find a solution soon. hughug

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Wow, what a mystery you have there. I'm so sorry your husband is being so uncooperative and unsupportive. Guess he's not a dog person? frown Jee I hope you solve the mystery soon and get him healthy again. Thanks for being such a loving doggy mommy. smile

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I hope you reported all these things and pictures to the breeder. When it's genetic, a lot of breeders will help offeset expenses, and all should take genetic issues into account in their breeding program

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My husband loves dogs, as long as they arent expensive, hes worn out. He his dog, but even with his dogs emergency surgery he's been significantly cheaper. He was not raised around animals so he doesnt really see the dogs=family thing.

He was not bought from a breeder, we picked him up from a neglectful owner that had no business owning a shar pei (let alone any type of dog, they had five other dogs). From what they told us the "breeder" they got him from was a cousin of theirs or something, backyard breeder situation I mean they paid 150 for him. Who sells pei puppies for that little?

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Well we got back from the vet this morning. Im excited that he has gained some weight also in the last couple months he is nearly 50lbs now!

Anyway, she agreed with me on the Triad disease. She did not seem completely sold on the FSF and swollen hock she thinks the swelling episodes are due to the yeast/bacteria issues, though she said she does have some pei patients who have it and mentioned that they are on a protocol, and what it was. We did a complete blood profile (I need to bring in Urine, I completely spaced it this morning and he was too irritated from the blood draw for us to worry about it today) I will list what was tested, we will have results monday.

He happened to have an ear infection, I knew something was going on with his ears though cause last night he started shaking his head a lot and dropping his left ear. But anyway we got the yeast meds, plus the yeast shampoo and a medication for his ears as well as antibiotics, she wanted to do pred again but I asked to wait for the bloods first, as if his liver is still up I dont want to hurt it further. She did say that it seems highly likely that his skin is the triad disease and seemed confident that treating the three will help. They dont offer the skin scraping anymore for allergies like they used to, they send off blood and its expensive so its not something we could do (it was over $300, they send it off to a dermatologist, but apparently thats for allergy shots) but she feels like I do and that the main issue is not that he may or may not have an allergy, it is something deeper going on. SO i got the testing I wanted done, and the basic meds I wanted for him and hopefully his bloods will show something good and I will start him on some supplements for the Swollen Hock. I think in order for me to get her to get a good look at his hocks is to bring him in when they are at their worst. this last swelling episode was extremely minor and he never fevered, which honestly was amazing as usually the swelling is HUGE.

Anyway, my husband comes back sometime this week, he's still saying if there is no cure he has to go, but I do believe even if jack has to be on antibiotics/yeast meds forever, but it helps thats cure enough. The vet said she has a pei who does perfect as long as hes on the meds for bacteria/yeast but as soon as they let one or the other go his skin goes nuts again. We go back in a month to reevaluate how he is doing and hopefully things will be looking up. She said he looked significantly better than when she saw him last (which he did) and I told her what I had been doing, and she said to keep it up cause it was obviously helping, hoping with the added meds it'll get better.

here is what was in the blood profile that was taken, I honestly cant tell you what most of them are for, I need to do some research on it but my friend who is a vet tech said it was a pretty thorough/comprehensive test so im hoping its covered everything

A/G Ratio
ALK Phos.
BUN/creat. ratio
Globuli n
NAIK Ratio
Total bilirubin
Total protein
Urinalysis(which wasnt done today, will have to bring it in monday)

I must add, that I totally love that she told me that from his paperwork from previous vets, they have all said that he has a sweet disposition/very sweet dog. Makes me proud, cause she said they do not come across pei's that are as sweet as he is. They did find out today though that he gets a bit less sweet when taken away from me, he freaked a bit when they took his leash to do the blood work and he realized I was not following behind him so I had to walk behind him into the back room, and then leave. Which really, if we had to rehome him it would not be easy for a new family because he is VERY attached to me.
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I'm glad your on the right track. Good Luck!cheerdancing
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