How to Rehome a Dog?

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I've come to the conclusion that after a year of trying to help my rescued pound dog. I have to give him away. I've paid thousands in damages and am looking at more bills for more recent damages. He's walked 2 miles a day, he eats premium pet food, he has toys and treat toys. He has severe seperation anxiety and I can no longer deal with the distruction. I've been forced to keep him confinded using electric field collars because he just destroys everything if i leave for 10 minutes to run to the store or the mail box. He has to go somewhere and i'm looking for where to send him.

Does anyone know a rescue or a home were I could send him?

He's a 4-6 possibly older male beagle in tri color. He's healthy and comes with Insurance.

It really breaks my heart that I have to give him away but at this point I can't even look at him without getting mad. I just cant be home all hours of hte day to see to his seperation issues.

All the trainers i've had over the last year and all the money I've spent just makes me upset to think about. I did my best to fix him but I can't.

So if someone could point me in the direction of a rescue or something that could take him away. I don't want him to go back to a kill shelter. That's where i got him a year ago.


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Beagles are a high energy breed and definitely not for everyone.
Sorry to hear that things didn't work out.

I am not sure of your area, but you can try using Google and searching things such as:
"Beagle rescue of *your location*"
"*your location* all breed rescue"
"Hound rescue of *your location*"

Hope something pans out for you!