Is my dog a rescue?

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Barked: Thu Aug 30, '12 12:25am PST 
I got (no money exchanged) Bambi from a friend of my sister's. He had never been vaccinated (at 4 months), was kept in a crate or outside on a small balcony for 22-24 hours a day with very little human contact, and was fed limited amounts of food "to prevent him from getting fat". He was not starving, but absolutely underweight and probably malnourished. On the other hand, I know this lady did not mean him harm, and really doesn't feel like how she treated him was wrong even if she did feel she was in over her head trying to raise a puppy. I know we all have our own way of doing things, but what is the definition of a rescue? Does the dog have to come from the streets or a shelter?

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Bambi certainly sounds like a rescue to me,being taken from a bad situation wether intentional or not,and put in a much better one classifies in my book,and thank-you for doing it.hugwishes on many many happy years together.

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That sounds like a rescue to me.

I got my pup from a family who was just about to bring him to the pound. I call him a rescue. smile

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Rory and Bambi both sound like rescues to me. Any dog taken from a bad situation to a better one is a rescue in my book Regardless if they ever stepped a paw in a pound or actual rescue organization. Good Luck on your Journey.
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Rescues do NOT have to come from Shelters.

Flicka did(if you could call the black hole that) ..Lucas was found by Flicka amd I dumped in a park to die as a 7 ish week old pup in 100F plus temps.

Rescues can be paid for too(most Shelter ask for some money for good reasons)

Bambi is a rescue.. and thankyou for doing that too !

Where the term "rescue" becomes stretched is when money changes hands to a BYB for instance. I got slapped on the wrists in another thread today for using that word even though it was not stated money had changed hands , because the dog was taken from an obvious(to us from the info provided)BYB situation.

I had used the term broadly . See definition below

Definition of RESCUE

a: to free from confinement, danger, or evil
b: save, deliver: as a: to take (as a prisoner) forcibly from custody
c: to recover (as a prize) by force
d: to deliver (as a place under siege) by armed force

So... by MY (and the dictionary's) definition yes... bambi thankfully was Rescued !! But then... I am English... and English and American are 2 different languages !

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Bambi probably feels rescued so I guess that's your answer.

Technically I bought Sabi but what I actually did was once she was in my arms told the idiot that I would give him half the money and not call the authorities, or none of the money and make a call if he tried to stop me. When he reached to remove her from my arms I told him if he touched me he was going to jail.
I left with her and half my money. He was threatening to shoot her because he was sick of feeding her. She was 6 1/2 weeks old, malnourished and full of worms, had a bacterial skin infection and a cold. I wasn't leaving without her.
I guess technically I stole her. But I'm good with it and so is she.

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Sabi a young friend of mine "rescues pitbulls in that way. She knows some people through other friends who do not have the best intentions for the dogs,gains enough confidence to find out where they are kept,and removes them in the middle of the night. She then rehabs and rehomes them. I admire her courage.

Flicka- I like your definition of rescue. The first one certainly applies in the case of the other thread and Sabi's story as well. These pups were freed from evil intent and harm by people willing to give them a better life.