Faith: Our Local Hero :)

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Barked: Mon May 21, '12 7:15pm PST 
Thought I would share a story that we were told today at our animal shelter here in Lebanon, Missouri. There is a Pit Bull Terrier girl there, and she is their hero after saving one of their workers! They got her in scarred up, obviously been used for breeding, and teeth filed down-they thought she was used as a bait dog, but after thinking about I think it is more likely she was being used as a rape dog. They named her Faith.

Anyhow, the guy talking to us about her had scars on his arm and his leg; he told us that she had first been put in the pen with another dog, and when he went into the pen the dog attacked him grabbing his arm. Faith immediately pulled the dog off of him, and the dog attacked him again grabbing his leg, but Faith pulled the dog off again (filed teeth and all! eta, apparently she grabbed his tail and pulled him off the guy-I can believe it, she may be small, but is one tiny power-horse!) and gave him time to get out of the pen. I don't think it takes much imagination to know what happened to that dog next. You could tell just watching the guy and hear him talk about Faith how thankful they were for her!

She is a real sweetheart too. I was thinking about fostering her (and then becoming a foster failure, heehee), but when I took her for walk/run (haha) she was really intent on going after their free-roaming cat, so I probably should not risk it with my old cat and baby kitten (darn).dog walk


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