Rehoming Dog with Biting History?

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My husband adopted a Lhasa as a puppy several years back, and 2 years ago the Lhasa began being aggressive with most people - attacking, biting, or trying to bite people for little apparent reason. Since I began dating and married my husband, it has only gotten worse since I am now the target of his attacks.

We spoke to behaviorists who told us he can never be "cured" but managed in the right circumstances - a home with only one or two people, no kids, no other dogs. We hope to have children in the next year or so, and have another dog that is very well behaved. My husband's job changed to the point where he now travels frequently and I literally can't care for the dog without getting attacked.

My husband and I are in a bind. He truly loves the Lhasa, but its behavior puts me in fear. We can't keep him, but my husband cries at the idea of putting him down. We hope he might turn around in different circumstances. I've posted him online, but I have to be honest with actually talking to interested people about his temperament - which makes people lose all interest and I can't even blame them. The dog terrifies me myself. The only person he is halfway behaved around is my husband (and then even he has to be careful often).

Does anyone have any advice about what we should do?