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I just had to talk out loud. I'm a little bummed. I just finally started applying to rescues to adopt, and both so far have mentioned their concern at my long hours of work. I understand where they're coming from (and to their credit, they haven't written me off yet!) Still! I'm bummed- I feel like I've failed in some way or shape or form, but my work situation and commute isn't something I can readily change!

Is there anything that can be done about long work hours? We all need to bring home the bacon in some way or shape or form- what do you guys in rescue say when you see somebody who unfortunately has to be away from the house 11 hours a day? If you yourself have to be away that long, what do you do to work around it??
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Barked: Mon Mar 19, '12 1:05pm PST 
My dogs come to work with me. If I'm going to be somewhere dogs aren't allowed for a long stretch, I have a few family members who enjoy having them visit for a day here and there. I don't do that often, though.

I hate to say it, but 11 hours 5 days(?) a week is a long time alone for a dog. It can be done, especially short-term. Daycare is the best option, since the dog will get plenty of exercise while you're away - which is a huge issue. Failing daycare, are you going to feel like providing exercise and mental stimulation for a dog every night after you've been commuting and working for the past 11 hours? Also, you really need someone - a neighbor, friend, family member or petsitter who loves and has experience caring for dogs to stop in at least once during the day. Boredom and loneliness aside, not going to the bathroom for 11 hours on a regular basis is not healthy.

If this dog will really have to be alone for 11 hours while you're at work every day, indefinitely, sorry to say, this is probably not the time for you to be getting a dog. Keep in touch with the rescue(s), do some volunteer work. It is possible to find a very low energy, small dog who doesn't mind doing his own thing and could use a pee pad while you're gone (although having dog waste indoors is NOT the same as cat waste!!) It'll be a long search, though. Dogs, at their core, truly NEED us around.

In the meantime if you need an animal at home, there are plenty of lower-maintenance species that make excellent companions. Cats are the obvious go-to, being independent but playful and able to use a litterbox. I was reading an article on how wonderful rabbits are the other day. They're social, trainable and quite cute. Ferrets have always been a favorite of mine - they would sleep all day while you're away. And if you can stomach them, rats are simply awesome.
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way to go To all Ember's points. Before my lifestyle allowed me to have a dog I had a guinea pig (GP people freaking out at me for only having 1, I'm sorry!) and she was awesome! Greeted me when I came home, loved being held, etc. Sadly I had to re-home her after a couple of years because my allergies went nuts otherwise I'd still have her.

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Most people I know that have dogs work 8-10 hour days. I would say in your case, a dog walker is a must. For an 11 hour work day--a dog that's a little bit older would be a good fit for you.
If you exercise your dog in the morning, have a dogwalker come and give him or her a 30 minute-hour walk in the afternoon, and take him or her for a walk in the evening (or a romp in the yard) Seems like it should be ok.
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It's okay. I work 5 hours a day and go to school full time. Jake either goes to daycare for long days or he stays home on shorter days. Rescues burned me because of my age and living situation.

Since they haven't written you off. Try to make a plan for what to do during your long working days. If im gone more then 8 hours jake goes to daycare for the day. If it's less then 8 he just stays home with someone coming to let him out to wee. Petsitters and walkers aren't hard to come by now a days.

Good luck and dont be depressed!!wishes

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To be honest, I don't really see the point of having a dog if you're at work 11 hours a day. Then figure in your sleep time and any other time you go grocery shopping or whatever, how much time does that leave you to enjoy a dog?

You could hire a dog walker or even pay for dog daycare but again, the same issue pops up.

You can still enjoy dogs by volunteering at shelters or for rescues.