Hi guys! Looking for advice/rescources

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Gunna get \'em!
Barked: Wed Mar 14, '12 8:02pm PST 
So I am working with a red Doberman (originally obtained for $2000) that has been mistreated, neglected, has a broken leg, and nine 4-week old pups. While Momma is full Doberman, the girl who rescued her is doing everything she can to keep them out of the shelter (who said they will eutinize her and pups on the spot). I have tried all the Doberman rescues within a 14 hour radius of her and some beyond tht. I've tried numerous other rescues who won't take 9 four-week old, Doberman/lab and possibly pit mixed pups. They won't take the pups, all-breed rescues won't take the pups, some won't even take her. I'm just worn out from trying tires ur her and I'm totally not ready to give up yet.

I really don't know what to do anymore.

Help? Any advice?

Akita Pals- Always.
Barked: Wed Mar 14, '12 9:03pm PST 
hughughughughug To you Gunner. Wish I could help. Our local shelter is high kill and unlikely to take them. Wish I still had connections interested in the breed but it has been 30 years. Have you talked to any pittie rescues?
Fingers and paws crossed for you,hugs and prayers for you and the pups.big hugwisheswisheswisheswisheswishes and Thank-you for all you do.

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Barked: Sun Mar 25, '12 9:34pm PST 
Any way you can get in contact with the person who produced Mum? If so what was the response?

Sarah, CWSR,- CWG1, CGC

Million Dollar- Mutt
Barked: Mon Mar 26, '12 8:08am PST 
Try Illinois Doberman Rescue Plus- http://www.ildoberescue.com/

They're a pretty big rescue and they've taken in some tough cases. If they can't help you, hopefully they can point you in the right direction.
Good luck!!