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Barked: Mon Feb 27, '12 7:11am PST 
This is a long story. I will try to make it short and make sense.

So basically my aunt and cousin moved out of an abusive situation. Where the bf is incarcerated for a good while. (since I know no one on baby center; sexual assult on a child) So, they are in an apt that I think the women's shelter helped them out with. So their house has gone unpaid for months and in March will go to auction, I was told.

These poor dogs, a 9 or so yrs old German Shepherd mix, two chihuahuas, have been there in the backyard alone for a while now. I have been trying to help find them homes but I feel like the only one trying. It is frustrating and my LO is very needing of her mama. Sigh, my aunt doesn't care about these dogs. My dad is an butthole and won't let them board at his yard until we find homes. I argued and then cried for these dogs but he doesn't give a f***. sorry. If these dogs wind up eu'd....especially the GSD mix...I really wished that I could keep him as my own. (I'm jobless and live in an apt...) I'm a loser so I don't have friends at all really.

I feel like I have failed them my not finding rescues to take them to events to..etc. My cousin is in high school so she is limited to what she can do. I guess because it looks like it!! But she has to babysit my lazy (other aunt) aunt's unruly kids. they are crashing at her apt. (2 aunts, this cousin, 3 kids) The lazy aunt with the kids was crashing at the house until she never paid any bills and so there is no water or electricity. They live like pigs.

My DD's baptism was the 18th. She was very fussy lately for teething. sigh... my df was saying to me that my job is DD. I know but I really want to save these dogs. Yesterday... I accidentally locked my DD in the car :'( Of course df thinks it was because I was crying over the dogs a few minutes before. I don't know but maybe and so I feel like a horrible mom. I really do love my DD above everything, though!! She is my world which is why I haven't done many things with these dogs as I intended to or really want to. I guess I'm too incompetent to be able to do these things at once.

So, lately, my cousin and I have felt that it is time to take them to the kill shelter. I guess this just pains me to think that they could die. So I hope they can be saved. I just really want to keep that GSD mix but I know I can't... maybe that's why I was reluctant. I'm a fan of the volunter page for the shelter so I can actually see if they are adopted or killed. Then again...I would dread to see them in the Rainbow Bridge album. My dad of course said yesterday to take them... I of course want to kick his butt (issues I know)

Today is a new day... and my mom is off. I am going to try and leave LO with her and work with these dogs. maybe wash them at my parents' house. before my dad comes home.

Someone left a message who saw Rex (GSD mix) on rescueme.com where I posted. So I'm going to try again today to get in touch with her. My df says I should lie but I'm too honest. These dogs haven't had heartworm meds and they live outside... I know that it is dangerous to lie about heartworm pills!! The chihuahuas are unaltered and not potty trained. Not UTD on shots...

So I feel like I'm making my last plea or something. I feel defeated. Espeically after hearing rescues say they are full, people stop emailing or calling back, backing out...etc.

REX - He is a German shephered mix (possibly with Husky). For sure is older than 9 years old. Is still very energetic and playful. He is sweet and loves people. He does jump with new people or when he hasn't seen me for a while. He is neutered. He is great with other dogs and kids. Even small kids! He hasn't lived in the home when there was a cat so that is an unknown. He is great with chickens. The "bf" had cages and hutches all around the backyard full of chickens and fighting roosters. (the city just made him move the birds...but he brought them back) He is just very loving and so deserving of a home. I knew him since puppyhood...

Brownie - Is a chihuahua mix. I really have no clue how old he is maybe around 7 yrs. He is around 10 lbs. He loves people and is good with dogs. He is good with chickens as well. Right now he does have a cough frown

Snoopy - is brownie's son. maybe 2 to 3 years younger. He loves people and is smaller. I estimate 5 lbs. He is so small and cute! He is energetic and wiggly smile Good with kids, dogs, chickens.

It was so hard getting pics of the wiggly chis yesterday!


http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v662/Pett oChic/CIMG2236.jpg


http://img.photobucket.com/albu ms/v662/PettoChic/CIMG2272.jpg


http://img.photobuck et.com/albums/v662/PettoChic/CIMG2282.jpg

his tail is always wagging smile so are the others smile

Any advice would be so appreciated!!! Thanks so much from the bottom of my heart for reading!

Love me.
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Are you trying to help the dogs or get a pity session? eta, sorry, that was a bit rude. Please don't go off on your family here. It was hard reading through all that, and takes the focus off the dogs. It may be best to take them to the shelter, or see if a rescue can take them. Post some ads on Petfinder, or other sites to try and find homes for them yourself. Btw, the pic of Rex would not come up. You could also prob make their own pages here on dogster for them.
Good luck on finding homes for them.wishes

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