averybody please look at this. it's awful

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Barked: Thu Dec 8, '11 3:35pm PST 
Sigh... I dislike PETA very much.

However, that's very depressing; seeing homeless and dead dogs. If that person wasn't associated with PETA, I might donate. But I refuse to donate to anyone associated with PETA. I'm sorry, but supporting PETA is not something I will ever do.

Besides, the best way to help a homeless dog is by taking it to a rescue center, where they can properly care for the dog's needs and not be inclined to put the dog to sleep unless there are actual problems with it.

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Barked: Sat Dec 10, '11 7:49am PST 
Yes PETA is awful...

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Barked: Sat Dec 10, '11 9:12am PST 
Since about 85% of pets peta rescues get euthed & their goal is NO animals as pets i would never support PETA. Also, posting sites requesting donations is against dogster guidelines.


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Barked: Thu Dec 15, '11 8:14pm PST 
That is disgusting.