Home inspection - what to expect?

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Good Luck Belgians are fun and CRAZY dogssnoopy

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Oh Boy! snoopy Good Luck Sweetie! Be sure to let us know how it goes!

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The home inspection is a vital part of a pet's life, as it will ensure that the pet will be homed into a clean and suitable environment, which means it will have the best chance of a healthy life.

But we need your help. Please follow the link below to make this a law and give pets the best possible chance at life.

As I said, please take a moment of your time to follow and share the link below to have the maximum effect.

Thank you.

http://www.thepetitionsite.com/163/677/788/make-it-the-law-t hat-potential-pet-owners-receive-a-home-inspection/


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Barked: Thu Feb 20, '14 4:04pm PST 
Unfortunately home inspections can also go very badly depending on the rescue. A fenced in yard is almost always an absolute. But doesn't that make it difficult for urban dwellers to adopt? Some landlords are fine with dogs but don't want fences put up on rental property.
Our family is a case in point...we adopted two beautiful doggies from city shelters, no home inspection just application and adoption fee. Both dogs have thrived and grown and are completely bonded to our family.

We didn't have a fenced in yard until months after we got the first dog, but I walked her five or six times a day.
My daughter is special needs, but she does know how to behave with dogs.
We have a large cat family, and the dogs respect them.
Our housekeeping is unfortunately hit or miss with everyone at multiple jobs, but the animals of the house eat, play and exercise regularly every day.

All of the above could have gotten us rejected for a home inspection. I think sometimes they can reject homes that would actually be fine owners.

Barked: Wed Feb 26, '14 4:46am PST 
Opening cupboards and closets is pushing for a home inspection..I would totally not be ok with that..I keep my place relatively clean and my dogs are pretty much on a schedual for most things and all have there "spot" in the house..why are you opening my closets or cupboards? what would whatever is in there have anything to do with how im going to care for my animal or the facilities that i need to suit the breed?

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Barked: Thu Feb 27, '14 6:50pm PST 
I would never allow someone doing a home inspection for a dog adoption to open my cupboards or closets. If they wanted to poke at them a little bit to see if the dog could potentially open them with their nose, that might be one thing. But you should be able to tell that just by looking at it. Honestly, I wouldn't want them opening any closed doors because my pets don't have access to rooms where doors can be closed. No bathrooms, bedrooms, offices or anything like that. They have access to the main living room and hallways and that is it.
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