No Presa Canario rescue in US!!

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Barked: Thu Jul 13, '06 7:57am PST 
There is NO rescue group in the entire country for Presa Canario. This is for a lot of reasons, but because of this, there are hundreds of Presas put to sleep every year because very few rescue groups want to deal with them. I and my friend Barbie Perry of hotwaterrescue.com are trying to change that.

We have started International Presa Canario Rescue and are looking for Molosser owners, lovers or enthusiasts to help us out with various things. Foster homes, transports, promotion, web management, home visits, application checks, etc. There is SO much to be done!!!

If you are interested, please pmail Lucia, email me @ why-1ie@hotmail.com, or check out our
Yahoo! group
and request an invitation to join( anyone is welcome!)

If you know anyone who may be interested in helping this wonderful breed, please forward this to them!! I figured that Dogster would be a great place to find people that wanted to help!

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Jackie Poo,- NPC

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It's not a breed-specific rescue, but I came from an anti-bsl involved rescue that kind of specializes in breeds like presas, dogos argentinos, etc.
check out Hot Water Rescue. Maybe if you combine forces with them you can accomplish even more!
♥- Lucia, CGC- ♥

Thanks for- rescuing!
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Jackie Poo: I'm already a volunteer for Hot Water & Barbie Perry (the executive director of Hot Water) is my partner in this rescue effort too! Hot Water is a Great Rescue huh??


Jackie Poo,- NPC

I swear, I- didn't do it
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Yeah, they tried to talk my mom into volunteering as a foster home but we cant...Dad's allergies to dog hair. They'd have to limit placements to wirehaired, wooly, or hairless....and they don't get too many of those.
We are considering working with KBT rescue...in the future. After my sister is well and I'm less of a little hellion!
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You know my love for these Presas. I'd love to help. (I never got an e-mail back from Barbie by the way.) As soon as we can foster, we will. In the meantime, anything I can do.

You have my e-mail already. I'd love to be invited to the group.

Give me all the work you can for the rescue. These babies deserve to be rescued too.


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I NEED A PRESA!!! Please call me if you are a rescue w a Press Canario pup!!! 513-214-7503!