I am so proud of Sadie !

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Crazy Sadie- Lady

Im a SD and- proud of it so- there!!!!
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Before I begin telling my story I have to say sorry for it being so long, ok? I love all my friends here on dogster by the way. You guys have taught me so much and I have tryed to learn every- thing I can form this place too. All your stories of horra and happi
ness, stress & tryumphantries ect. I thank God for bringing me here to this site. More so as of late then ever and I tell my friends to about this place.Both the SD handlers or want to be SD handler and non handlers. About a week ago I had my first public re-jection of my service dog. After reading all of the insidents that you have had it actually helped me to deal with this one. Not to not give credit to the people at Burger king also. (Witch my x-sister N law mentioned "who is not a SD handler" by the way. )
We were out shopping going in and out of many stores and on foot cause it was a nice day. Well a couple stores really but not any thing really new cause I've been in them a few times before
with Sadie no less. We were done and my X sister N law was hungry did not like Wendy's witch was very close by. Burger King is not that far off either just a lil bit over form there so it was not a big walk. I felt like I needed some walking and was enjoying the day(Witch by the way needed the much walking since I had not gotten out to do as of late) She mentioned as we walked in that she was ordering form the dollar menue that I could get some-thing too. Since my sugar levels were up I was trying to get them down and mentioned this. She said," Then we will be getting you a salad." I laughed cause she is like that. Telling me what I am suppose to do like that. As we entered the Burger King a man
was just finishing his order at the counter and walk to the soda
drinks. He saw us enter and as we waiter to order since there were not then many in the place it was not a long wait. He was
the only one in front of us and there were less then 10 people in the whole place. He stopped in his tracks and looked at Sadie and I and looked at the people behind the counter. "You let dogs in here?" He asks the people behind the counter. The manager is one of them and he spoke up; He says, "Yes sir, we have to it is a service dog, It's the law we to allow it." " The law? What kind of service dog?" "Yes, the law and we can not ask that sir." Meaning they are not allowed to ask me what I use Sadie for. But if people are nice enough when asking I usually tell them as we here on dogster like to advicate learning of SDs. He looked at me then and asked the same question very inquistivly so I spoke up. After the manager spoke saying he could not ask that of me. I said, "She is a Medical alert dog." I have trouble really explaining Sadie's work to people cause Sadie dose many things for me.
So the best response was that. He pauses for a moment then asks," What kind of medical alert?" the manager speaks up again,
"Sir, you can't ask her that." I said,"It's ok," since he was seeming to be inquistitive of Sadie and as I said I do like to do my part when I can to educate people about service dogs. I said," She is my diabetic alert dog." I picked one ailment out of the dozen or so problems I have that would describe her work. That is when it happened! He exploded! In to a rage... He started ranting like a mainiac. (Not the slag of Mainers by the way) Yelling," I'm a diabetic! I don't have a dog!" ect. Waving his diabetic pen around.
Sir, you can't do that, sir, sorry you have to stop doing that."
As the man just yelled and made a spectical of himself. "I'm not going to stay here it is gross and dirty having a dog in here like that!" In a low tone I said,"sorry." Meaning sorry he felt that way.
Sadie happen to be clean and bathed 2 days before that. He stormed out of the Burger King pass Sadie and I. The Best part
that made me so proud of Sadie was during the whole thing Sadie never reacted or even seemed to acknowlege the man's display. Now people I have to confess a few things about Sadie in the past she has done a few bad things while we were out but not in these places or (people) stores I've gone to. I've (I mean She has) had a couple times that she has jumped at people. While walking her off dutie and in a pet shop. Never in a people store. The manager was appologysing attinmatly and the young man and others behind the counter too. The young man who was taking our order was beside himself, cause he was just telling us how he had 4 service dogs and a cat that detected seigers. He was so flustered he could not take our order right so the manager helped and we ended up getting our meal free. A lil ole lady that was a costomer came up and spoke in a kindly voice," It's better that he left,dear."
I smiled and thanked her. So said another worker that came out to clean off tables. They all handled the situation well and I was very calm also about it. I think I was so calm cause of all the stuff I have read on here. I also have a tendancy to melt down after the fact. But also I think it was cause of Sadie too. She was the best thing that came out of it. My X sister N law was so shookin Up over it too. She said (since at one time she worked at McDonalds they has special training for those situation and dealing with Service dogs ect. I want to give cootos to the Ellsworth daytime shift Burger king if not to the org. here on Dogster.

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Crazy Sadie- Lady

Im a SD and- proud of it so- there!!!!
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I have to again mention how proud I was of Sadie and how Cool it was of the Burger king people to stand up for me like that....
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hughughughughughug WELL DONE !


Crazy Sadie- Lady

Im a SD and- proud of it so- there!!!!
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Crazy Sadie- Lady

Im a SD and- proud of it so- there!!!!
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