Wanting to Move but worried about Smokey

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Hi Folks,

I have a 10 month old Shiloh shepherd for a Service Dog for my PTSD (I am a 100% disabled Veteran) I am in the process of searching for and buying my first home and am interested in most to least New Mexico, Texas (Both have no property taxes for 100% disabled Veterans) and Arizona, If it were just me the decision would not be a issue but I worry about how the temperatures will effect my Plush (long haired) Shiloh I will consider other places as well if the skies are dark the climate is mild. any and all suggestions welcomed with the following requirements (please explain the pros and cons of your suggested areas if you can).:

1. Comfortable temperatures and not much snow in the Winter (Cooler temps than Phoenix, Az in Summer) Low chances for Earthquakes, Tornados and such.

2. Within 60-90 miles of a VA Hospital (or 45 min. from a VA Out patient clinic)

3.Dark Skies for Astronomy near like minded people I can learn Astronomy, Astrophotography ect. from ( http://www.jshine.net/astronomy/dark_sky/ ) If this link works anywhere that falls in the blue (worst), Lite Grey, or Dark Grey (BEST)

4. No more than 45 min from Civilization for eating out and shopping (I tend to eat out more than cook at home)

5. Near Activities Smokey would enjoy like Dog Parks, Hiking, Groomers.

6. Low Crime (Not too close to Mexico border I am afraid of Drug/Human Trafficking)

7. Average Cost of Living (My income is about $2,800 a month)

8. Close enough to Civilization to have decent Internet speeds (Faster than dial up)

I will stop the list here before I make it impossible. Thank you in advance for your suggestions.

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I have lived in the Mojave desert in CA with a Malamute and I now live in the deep South with a Husky. As long as they are well groomed keeping the coat fluffy with no matted undercoat, have shade, pools (children's wading pool) to stand in and can get out of the heat upon occasion, they did/do fine in a very hot climate.

You need to remember that many wolves live in places that get very hot in the summer and do fine with a double coat.

I hope you find a great place to live but it may be tough to meet all of your criteria. You may need to prioritise from most to least important.

The sky was dark where we lived in InyoKern Ca. (One can see the milky way) there are places to eat, culture within a 2 hour drive and well educated neighbors (a lot of Rocket scientists and support people) but there are a lot of earthquakes and extreme temperatures.
Zion's- Smokey on- the- Riverwind

If it fits in my- mouth IT'S MINE!
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Thank you Fritz for your answer it goes a long way to easing my main fears. 90% of the time Smokey will be inside with me. I had heard it got so hot in AZ and NM you had to walk your dog before sunrise or they would get severe burns on their feet.