People trying to pet your SD

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Lucy Ribeiro

Barked: Sat Sep 14, '13 3:45pm PST 
Yes Nova I am already having my SD in a vest when I see family and close friends and I tell them when I am in a business I cannot have you touching her at all nor giving her anything while that vest is on the only one who can touch her is me. I am the only one allowed to pet her and or possibly give her a piece of something. My peting her is not giving her love its letting her know that I am ok or giving her a cue of somekind that she has been trained to realize. However I tell them also whenever I remove her vest feel free to pet her and play with her she loves that but when she is working please dont. Especially when we are in a business because I need her completely focused on me and the area around me.

Yes It would very nice that all SD were actually trained and behaved the right way and people didnt fake them because they want to take ythere pet everywhere with them. Especially because there dog they dont require in order to be able to live outside or be able to leave there homes. However us who actually need them to do things for us so we can live life and not worry about our stressors. However people dont care about that.

Also I have seen a kid inside ralphs that kept grabbing my dogs tail and actually held on and got dragged for a while. I asked the kid to please not grab my dog by the tail or frankly any dog by the tail as they may bite you. I replied with also when a dog is wearing a vest like this its a working dog and by petting you could distract the animal. Kid walked away and so I returned to shopping and the kid returned grabbing my dog and wouldnt let go so I had to grab the child and remove her from my dog. Not hurting him I just kindly grabbed his hand and took it off my dog. His mom came over and screamed at me for one telling her kid not to do something and two for touching him. I replied I would have asked you but you were no where to be seen. I replied have a great day and walked off come to find out there was a fake SD in the Ralphs in the isle next to us and the kid grabbed his tail and the dog turned and bit the kid very badly.
Crazy Sadie- Lady

Im a SD and- proud of it so- there!!!!
Barked: Tue Sep 17, '13 12:41pm PST 
Off and on I've had problems with family and friends about many issues that have come up with them. I would talk to them and ask them not to do those things. I allow people to pet Sadie sometimes if I am comfortable with them. Sadie has certon protection reactions when people come up to fast to me. Sometimes it can be mistaken for aggression: like huffing and shaking her head and pressing up against me. She also looks directly at people and if they advance with out my obveous acknowlegment of them she will admit a low growling as a warning. Most people back off. I usually give her a firm "Its ok," Sadie is just for me though I let her know she can be friends with people. I know a lot of people who have neg. feelings about this kind of behavyor, Since I feel she is attending to my needs I need for her to make space for me when I need it. She dose not show teeth nor is it a total all out display. I feel it is a safe warning giving me the chance to tell the person to back off please. This has happened a couple times when people have come up to pet her and I turn and ask them to back off and that she is working.

Barked: Sun Oct 20, '13 6:41pm PST 
Lucy, as for the friends and family issue - I feel some of your pain. When we started going in public with Diesel, my 16 y/o daughter would pet him a lot. He is my 15 y/o daughter's SD. It was habit from at home. Since she's a teen the approach may be different. Every time I saw her petting him, I'd say "He's working, you shouldn't pet him. You can pet him at home, not in public." Same thing 600 times a day of broken record. Now, it's a few times a month. She got tired of the broken record, monotone voice. Was I tired of it - goodness yes! Just use the same phrase repeatedly in a Ferris Beuhler role call voice. The public, well, if you find something that works please let us know lol

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