first flight next week

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Next week we are going from sacramento to colorado Springs on thursday for wounded warrior projects soldier ride. D
Its our first srrvice dog flight. Any tips appreciated! Anything handy youve learned. Last meal at what time? Water? Security checkpoints- I get excited when anyone pets me, so when they pet me down for security I might get kinda wiggly and happy.
Im 85 pounds. How do I fit on the airplane floor?
Etc etc etc
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I've flown many times... I had a letter from my doctor stating the need of have a service dog (some airlines will request it and yes they can ask for it), shot records for your dog (make sure rabies vaccine is up to date), call 48 hours before and request bulk head seating due to having a service dog (I use to call a week before to make sure -- a bigger dog will fit there better then the regular seats -- you might have to use him as a foot rest), instead of standing in line waiting to go thru security just go to the TSA agent and ask for assistance for you and your dog (please look this up w/ the TSA page and print it out -- Some TSAs aren't following their own regulations

Feed the night before and no water after midnight... Take him for a long walk in the AM before heading to the airport -- Make sure he relieves himself before going to the airport. If you have a delay it sometimes can be a royal pain to go outside and then tend with security -- Southwest always helped me by taking my service dog out to the tarmac to relieve himself. Have a carry on bag just for your dog -- have treats, dog food for a couple days (buy when you get there), toys, blankets, etc... -- This bag mark SERVICE DOG EQUIPMENT.. This will allow you with an extra bag that can't be counted toward the limit (medical equipment doesn't count). I use to give my dog some ice chips during the flight (like 2 cubes). Once I landed I would have family who were picking me up put my bags in their car and I would take my dog for a quick walk (he never would go -- LOL). Once we got to their place (another hour or two from the time we landed) he would go outside and just go and go and go -- LOL .. Then he had his dinner and a bowl of water... then some playtime before I headed off to bed..

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