Service Dog in HOV/carpool lane

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Does anyone know if your service dog qualifies for being a second passenger so you can drive in the carpool lane? It may be a very stupid question but I have always wondered because my service dog is a extention of me seeing that she helps me so much so wondering if those would qualify her?
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Not sure what to think about this since I dont drive?... that is a good question though.....
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I am pretty sure only humans count towards carpool/HOV lane minimums. You could doublecheck with your local area or state's DOT though.

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Oops double post

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Not sure where you are, but in Ontario "HOV lanes on provincial highways are reserved for... passenger vehicles carrying at least two people" unless you're an empty bus.
A service dog is not a person, so no, if it is just you and the service dog in the car you would not qualify (at least in Ontario).

Ontario HOV rule:

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The point of the HOV lane is to reduce the number of vehicles on the road; since most humans age 16 and up can drive, it pretty much applies to them. I think hauling families around is where it gets sticky(Like does a baby count?). However, since no dog is legally allowed to drive, then no dog will count as an occupant in the HOV lane. Don't get in trouble!

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No, a SD would not count as a person.

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A dog doesn't count, but people of any age do (since Oberon asked).

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good one, but no..
It's like having a wheelchair qualify for a second passenger.
No, I am sure I am right on that one, they won't qualify.
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