Training pup to ignore people

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Barked: Wed Oct 31, '12 10:55pm PST 
My puppy is not actually in training as a service dog yet. He's only 3 months old. But he loves to greet everyone he sees and will follow them around asking for attention. He is very well behaved and sits nicely for pets, but eventually I would like him to ignore people or at least not approach them.
We live in a shared apartment building so when we are in the yard people come and go. For now I am just grabbing his collar and asking him to sit when someone walks by.

When do you all think I should begin teaching him not to bother with people at all? While he is still young I do want him to have good interactions with all kinds of people petting and talking to him.
I am torn at when the puppy socialization should stop and the service dog behaviors should begin?

The Boy Wonder
Barked: Thu Nov 1, '12 5:02am PST 
At this age your best bet is to let him have as many good interactions with people as you can. You can put focus on him later as he get's older but he needs to be comfortable with people in his space and petting him first.

Cheers, he's a darling.
Chief- Majestix the- Impeccable


Barked: Thu Nov 1, '12 10:11am PST 
Like Happy said, let him have all the interactions he can get..... It's so essential.
Let him play, put him in someone's arms, let people pick him up, kiss him, let kids gently interact with him, play with him, whatever you can think of.
This is the best time to do so.
Chief enjoyed it so much and he is such a friendly little pup, loves people, has no fear, is trusting.
over time I taught him to look at me when people called him.
He still likes to say hi, but is not craving for it anymore. He is happy and sits nicely when people greet. When people call, he looks at me.
I let children walk him, with me walking the other dogs, put him on people's laps when they sit in wheelchairs. Let elderly pet him..
When they are pups, you don't want to cut off interactions and socialization.
Over time you can transition into the ignoring. They only learn the "ignore" if they know what they are supposed to ignore..
Have fun letting him grow up and play attention games with him. Agility exercises as fun games, like weaving, up and down some ramps, walking on fallen trees, dancing moves, light stimulation and "watch me" games.
I am sure he and you will have a good time.
Also build up to the tasks. Chief knew his tasks when he was 6 months old and now he learned to use them consistently. It's fun seeing them grow......
Best, sonja and the crew

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