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I've been looking into applying to a service dog program for awhile now, and I'm wondering, how many programs do you apply to? Do you apply to one and see if it works out and you get accepted, or apply to a couple in case one doesn't work out and you can go for the other one?

I'm thinking of applying to Paws with a Cause and/or NLMAD(New Life Mobility Assistance Dogs.) although I'm not sure about the second, but a 2nd, smaller program for sure. Paws with a Cause is well known and respected, but has a bigger waitlist so I'm thinking I have less of a chance of getting accepted and then being on a super extensive waitlist, whereas at NLMAD they are smaller and I probably would have a chance of getting a dog a lot sooner. Also NLMAD is near where I go to school, even if they are not as big of an organization as Paws with a Cause, a program like that might be a better choice?

Should I fill out applications to both and see what happens, or try to make the decision now?

Thanks smile

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Aidan, CGC

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I would fill them both out! Most SD applications have a section that asks what other organizations you've applied to, so I think they assume you're not going to put all your eggs in one basket. Also, with such long wait lists, it's much better to apply earlier rather than later. Some programs take a while to get back to you, and that's time you could have spent on another waitlist!

I only applied to one, but I was fairly certain they'd take me since it's not a huge program and I fit well in their parameters.

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Okay, I'll do both then smile
Thank you!!