Suggestions of breeds for a new PSD ... Can anyone help?

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Terrowin- -RIP- 06.28.2012-

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Barked: Wed Sep 12, '12 3:31pm PST 
A few months back I lost my fiancee, Josh and my left-hand man Terrowin in a late-night collision with a drunk driver. I was in the hospital at the time after a surgery on my leg and Josh was bringing Terrowin to be with me for the night. Understandably I've gone back to living with my parents because after the surgery I was physically unable to do everything for myself and mentally ... well that wasn't happening either. I haven't left the house / yard, except to go to the hospital, since then even after I was cleared to drive again.

I miss the freedom I used to have with Terrowin and though I feel absolutely horrid about even thinking about getting another partner I know it can't go on like this. I feel safer at home but I miss being able to go to the library or the store without the fear of something happening and no-one being able to help me. So, (slightly reluctantly) I'm looking for a new breed / mix of breeds to partner with in the coming months.

A little about what I'm looking for:
- Obviously, I'm looking for a PSD.
- I highly prefer larger dogs. We never go out to eat and don't fly / take the bus so "place to put the dog" isn't really an issue.
(I remember someone on here having a Newfi as an SD but I can't remember their name atm frown I was contemplating one and was curious about what they are like as SD's)
- Though I like Poodles I'd prefer a dog that I wouldn't have to bring to the grooming salon to get clipped every few weeks.
- Don't want a "Pit Bull" or Pittie-like dog. I have nothing particularly against them but don't want to make more access problems for myself than necessary.
- I love me a good old Hound Dog.

I don't know. I'm still fairly newish to the SD thing (about 3 years now) and there's a ton of people a lot more experienced than me on these matters and for many of you old timers on the forum ... I respect your opinion on things a lot. I know many people post "What breed should I get topics" but I don't want to "steal" someone's topics with my own questions :/

The Boy Wonder
Barked: Wed Sep 12, '12 4:00pm PST 
First off My most complete condolences for your loss. I have been where you are and I know how rough it is.

As for breeds to look at.

I always recommend Golden's and Labs because they are generally good level headed dogs that traditionally make good service dogs.

Smooth collies are also a breed to look into, they are even tempered and level headed and meet your need for low grooming.

Because I remember your Personal preferences on dogs and experiences with dogs and know that you can Handle the breed you might consider Rhodesian ridgebacks. There are a few more suggestions I could make but I'd love to hear what other requirements and preferences you have for your dog.
Thor CGC

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Barked: Wed Sep 12, '12 4:05pm PST 
The main two breeds that are recommended are Labradors and Golden Retrievers. They are smart easy to train, and have friendly personalities. The downside to those breeds is they shed a lot and are pretty slow to mature. If you have had hounds I am sure you are used to that though smile

I personally wouldn't recommend a hound because they are so vocal. When you are in public you want people to not even know the dog is there. Hounds tend to want to talk about everything smile

It really comes down to temperament over breed. There are some breeds that are more likely to make a great service dog, but the personality is really what matters.

Sita CGC- SD(mostly- retired)

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Barked: Wed Sep 12, '12 6:52pm PST 
I'm so sorry for your loss. I can't even imagine having to go through something like thathug

Of course the traditional breeds are traditional for a reason. Usually very easy to train, they do the work very well. Since you've already had one pointer, would you want to consider another? Or would that just be too painful? I'm finding that my GWP are very good at their jobs. They are tremendously smart & pretty in tune with my glitches.
Abrams Tank- SD

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Barked: Wed Sep 12, '12 8:22pm PST 
We extend our deepest and most heart felt condolences on your loss. We have been where you are and very recently at that. My hubby's SD Katana passed away suddenly last month and while we are still mourning his loss we are moving forward with training his successor. Tank is an 8 month old GSD/lab mix. Although he is not Katana Tank is a wonderful and eager pup. He is learning very quickly. I would suggest a lab mix or perhaps a shepherd mix.