Therapy Dog on Hawaiian Airlines to Hawaii

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Barked: Wed Dec 29, '10 9:56am PST 
Hi All--

I am moving to Hawaii with my therapy dog, who is a pug.

Has anyone else flown their therapy or service dog to Hawaii? Any tips?

Anyone used Hawaiian airlines? Once again, any tips?

My other dog (non-therapy dog) will also be traveling with us but in cargo. So cargo tips are appreciated as well.

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Is he travelling in a carrier under the seat? If so you should check the airline's rules on carrier and dog size for in cabin travel.
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Why can your therapy dog not travel in cargo and your pets have to? Therapy dogs are legally pets and do not have any protection under the ACAA (or FHA or ADA). For service dogs (who are covered under the ADA), flying to Hawaii is much more difficult than flying anywhere else in the US.

Make sure you know and are familiar with the requirement for quarantine for all the dogs. Hawaii has very strict quarantine laws.

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Hawaii quarantines most dogs on arrival.

Hawaii's page on quarantine:


Service dogs have special requirements to get an exemption:


It does not look like therapy dogs are considered service dogs.

Barked: Thu Dec 30, '10 7:51am PST 
Thanks all. I have done extensive reading on this and spoken with several vets, hawaii's animal quarantine and the airline about it.

I should re-phrase to say that my dog is used for emotional support for my psychiatric disorder. So he's not really a therapy dog, I was just trying to get some answers without have to disclose too much about myself.

Anyway, I have done my research and Hawaiian Airlines appears to be the best option. A passenger can travel with their emotional support dog if they have the documentation from their psychiatric, which I do have.

I'm just wondering if anyone else has flown Hawaiian Airlines with their dogs and did everything go smoothly? Have you travelled with a emotional support dog on Hawaiian?

Thanks All.

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Barked: Thu Dec 30, '10 10:34am PST 
Haven't flown on Hawai'i Airlines but we are pretty well aware of the regulations for quarantine.

Just be aware that Hawai'i quarantine does require documentation or certification of training as a service dog. Not sure how an ESA would be able to provide this, being that they aren't task trained. If you have been in touch with Hawai'i quarantine services, you can probably forward all documents to them for preview before you actually arrive to make sure everything is in order and acceptable.

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It is illegal to pass off your dog as an ESA when you are not disabled.

Hawaii's travel quarantine lift for service dogs does not extend to therapy or emotional support animals.
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Guest, you might want to check the dates on stuff you are replying to; this thread is 2 years old.