The Psychological Side Effects of non PSDs

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Harley, SD,- CGC, TDI

Super Service- Boy!
Barked: Thu Jul 30, '09 3:02pm PST 
I know PSDs help their handlers psychology, that's their job. But, I think I would dare to say that most, if not all, non PSDs do help their handlers psychologically in one way or another.

For example, Harley alerts to my medical condition. Before having him, I would come real close to having panic attacks for fear of having an episode in public. Now, I do not. I am more confident and more willing to leave the house because I know I have my early alert system with me. This actually helps reduce the chances of an episode happening because stress is a trigger, and he helps reduce the stress.

For those of non PSDs, what psychological benefits to you get from your SD?
Brady SD

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Barked: Sun Apr 14, '13 10:24pm PST 
This post struck me, I know it's crazy old, but no one ever answered Harley's mom.

My SDiT is by my needs, only a mobility dog, like Anubis’s SD. I have no other disabilities besides glasses, which don't count for moderate-severe myopia. Besides the physical side of pulling, bracing, balance-counterbalancing, etc., Brady psychologically provides me with independence (when my SO 'SD' isn't with me), a tad bit of confidence (stigma and stereotypes of both having a visible disability and having one at a younger age like many on S&TD dogster), a little bit of a mental distraction (from the pain), comfort (when I'm experiencing an episode of pain), and a little reassurance to the public that my antalgic gait is not because I'm drunk/ drugged. I especially like the pain related psych-help because if I get distracted enough it doesn’t seem so bad (because I’m not focused on it) or if it is that bad I can lower my head and scratch around/on his ears and bear it as I wear my emotions on my face. When I’m with my man and the pain strikes hard I usually bury my face in his shirt sleeve to hide the pain from the public eye. What can I say, I’m the sensitive type. smile

Thank you for the question Harley, I have thought of this often with so many PSDs on here and so few nonPSDs.big grin
Crazy Sadie- Lady

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Barked: Mon Apr 15, '13 7:32am PST 
Just like to say hi to you first Harley nice to see you here again. Been a long time since I have seen you though Sadie and I have only popped in here and there. Lately been here a lot though.
Any way it is hard to really say where sadie is on the SD spectrum. I use her for many things and really have a hard time Labeling her. If ever I would want to but lately I have felt that way not to Label her since I feel she dose so much. I don't feel that Multi working SDs should not be Labeled
I wonder what Labeling really dose for us anyway. I mean we seem to over label our mental illness and I am not even sure I am writing this post very well. Doctors seem to like to label everything but the thing is without a label we can't get the help we need Monetary or other wise.
I guess that is my point of view about PTS and PSDs. Sadie form day one helped me with that.
She was very loving and we connected right away. I love animals and it was hard for me not to guess it was one reason I did not want to have a SD. But that is how I feel.

Abrams Tank- SD

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Barked: Mon Apr 15, '13 3:21pm PST 
For my husband Tank provides a measure of security when he is having trouble walking. Tank is also very in tune with my hubby's pain levels and tries to help him handle and cope with the pain. He is also good at knowing that my hubby is stressing because of the pain in his back. He will do what ever it takes for the hubby to feel even a little better. I can only wish that when and if I need a SD that dog can be as in tune with me as Tank is with my hubby
Crazy Sadie- Lady

Im a SD and- proud of it so- there!!!!
Barked: Mon Apr 15, '13 7:32pm PST 
Sadie is the same way I guess that is my point. She dose so much for me and I depend on a lot form her. I just don't want label her like doctors do for us I guess. when I am having a really hard time she helps to ground me and calm me down when my stress or anxiety get the best of me so yeah the Psych. part is a very important part of her work with me. I know a lot of people don't want to believe that.
H, my angel- in heaven.

Barked: Tue Apr 16, '13 10:43am PST 
Sadie, Harley's post was from 09
Crazy Sadie- Lady

Im a SD and- proud of it so- there!!!!
Barked: Wed Apr 17, '13 12:13pm PST 
OOOh I thought it was a lil strange......