Pet Rules in HUD Housing

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Pebbles - *Retired SD*

Frosty Paws?- Heck yes, I want- some!
Barked: Mon Jun 15, '09 12:38pm PST 
Here's the situation:
Pebbles, Marzipan, and I live in HUD housing. I was originally under the impression that I would be allowed to get a friend for Marzipan, but was then told that I am only allowed to have 2 animals.

They know that Pebbles is a service dog, but they told me she still counts as one of the 2 animals.

I really want to get a second kitten as a friend for Marzipan. She is getting somewhat rough with me at times and I feel that having a second kitten would help her tremendously --she would have someone to play with and keep her company while I am gone at work (when Pebbles recovers from her injury, she will be at work with me).

I found this document on the HUD website:
http://www.hud.gov/offices/adm/hudclips/handbooks/hsgh/435 0.1/43501c32HSGH.pdf

It says that they cannot count Pebbles towards their pet policy.

What should we do? Is there a way I can get another kitten?

Barked: Mon Jun 15, '09 12:39pm PST 
Print off the law and give it to them and request that you would like another cat.
Sabrina- 2000~2012

To break- injustice we- must break- silence
Barked: Mon Jun 15, '09 12:49pm PST 
Yes, you can print off the law and you should be allowed to have another cat. However, I personally would recommend holding off on getting another cat at this time. I would wait and make sure Pebbles is able to make a full recovery. If she doesn't make a full recovery and you need to get a new service dog, will you want to keep Pebbles as a pet? If so, you'll need to save that open pet slot for Pebbles to take. If you already have two cats, if Pebbles has to retire, you'll have to get rid of Pebbles or one of the cats.

Even if Pebbles recovers perfectly, she is like 6 years old or so. How much longer are you wanting to live in this housing situation? If you plan to live here for several years, you'll still want to have a contingency plan for when Pebbles has to retire so that you don't have to give her up.

Sorry to be a downer, but I've been thinking a lot about this now that I have a retired SD and am looking at the possiblity of finding a new place to rent.


Barked: Mon Jun 15, '09 12:54pm PST 
Good point Sabrina. I didn't even think about that.
Pebbles - *Retired SD*

Frosty Paws?- Heck yes, I want- some!
Barked: Mon Jun 15, '09 1:01pm PST 
I'll only be living here until May (when my lease ends).

Pebbles should be working for at least another 2 or 3 years. If she does wind up having to retire before May, I would rather break my lease and move than give her up.

It's just that my old roommate had a family of cats --a mom and 4 babies-- show up on her doorstep a little over a week ago and it's kind of an emergency situation --her landlord won't let her keep them inside and we're afraid of something happening to them. The kittens are 8 weeks old according to the vet.

Proud to serve
Barked: Mon Jun 15, '09 5:28pm PST 
Hey I have a cat named Marzipan too! She's better known as Marzi-parzi, or panpan or pani...LOL

You should be able to get another cat. If retiring your SD isn't an issue now, then go for it and don't let HUD push you around. They have to respect the law.

Barked: Tue Jun 16, '09 8:15am PST 
just for information even a retired SD still hold SD status.
SHADOW - RIP 14 June- 2014

Barked: Tue Jun 16, '09 8:45am PST 
That's the way I look at a retired SD ... You can remove the title, but can't take the SD mode out of them... Even thou they're retired, if they perform a task that migates your disability at home then they're still technically a SD... So, you'll basically have 2 SDs.. One that can be a Full time SD in Public and the other can help around the home.. This will also help the retired SD from getting bored after years in the field...Plus if you had an extremely long day with your Field SD they can take a couple hours to rest while your retired one can help w/ some simple tasks around the home. It's llike a Doctor or Nurse that retires... They can still work if they wish as long as they keep their medical licenses current with the boards.. The VA Hospitals rely on retired docs to help w/ the shortage of doctors.. They're used mainly to help train all the Residents...

I plan to list Shadow as a home based SD when he retires and my new as the Field SD... The VA staff and I discussed this matter and they'll put that down in the medical letter for any future apartment I live in...

Ellen and Shadow Walker

Super Silver- Service Spoodle
Barked: Tue Jun 16, '09 9:17am PST 
Bobby, please cite the legislation stating a retired SD is still a SD.

I feel that if you only need one SD, then you should only have 1 SD. If a dog is retired, they are retired for a reason-- they aren't capable of being your service dog anymore for whatever reason. If you've already got a new SD who is able to mitigate your disability, then you are not considered a person with a disability for a retired SD to mitigate it, too. My view is that we have these laws allowing people with SDs and ESAs in housing etc because they truely need these animals to survive. If people take advantage of these laws by claiming retired SDs as SDs even though they aren't working anymore and the person has a new SD to take care of their disability related needs, I think this is doing a disservice to the community. How many landlords are going to be happy about you carting along a zoo full of animals all with SD, retired SD, and ESA status? I think it is disrespectful to the landlord and to the reason these laws were created in the first place. These laws were created to help people who really needed help, not as a convenience or as a way to get around abiding by the pet limit. If we keep adding on more and more animals with special status to our leases, these landlords are going to try to get the laws changed to be more strict, and we are all going to suffer.

My feeling is if it is not medically necessary, it is not a service dog. Maybe an ESA depending on your disability, but definintely not a service dog.

I get very upset when I hear about people who are claiming lots of animals as SDs and ESAs. The laws were not intended to allow people to have as many animals as they want, but rather to provide mitigation to a person's disability. I feel it is almost disrespectful of the creators of these laws to take advantage of them if you don't need them. If the mitigation happens with one SD (or maybe even 2 SDs depending on your disability related needs, or 1 SD and 1 ESA depending on your disability related needs) then the person shouldn't be considered as needing any more of these animals.

Disc Dogs rock!
Barked: Tue Jun 16, '09 1:22pm PST 
The problem I see here is the law states that they have to make reasonable accomodations for service animals. In your case there is a pet limit and the owner/manager can say that they have made reasonable accomodations and you would probably lose a court case if it went that far.
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