Therapy dog vest

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CASEY the- Super Dog!

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Barked: Thu Mar 30, '06 8:18pm PST 
My mama is going to buy me a therapy dog vest soon. Does anyone have any suggestions? Best deal, best quality?
Sabrina- 2000~2012

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Barked: Thu Mar 30, '06 8:29pm PST 
I bought a service dog vest from R H Jelf and was happy with it (they sell therapy dog vests, too). But I wanted a better fit and since Sabrina is a deep chested, short, stocky pittie. I had her new vest custom made by a fellow dogster (Katee's mom). I ordered the patches from sitstay.com and was very happy with their quality. I love the vest that Katee's mom made! It is perfect!

Another place I have heard good things from is Activedogs.com.

The Delta Society has a page of links to people who sell service/therapy vests, too.

Make sure to post a picture when you get your vest!
Ginger DSA- ThD TT CGC - &hearts

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Barked: Thu Mar 30, '06 10:14pm PST 
I have two therapy dog vest from Wolfpacks.com (can also get them from sitstay.com), and I love em! One is dark red with pockets which come very much in handy. The other was issued by our therapy dog group and is blue with no pockets. They fit great and I've seen them on all sizes of dogs in our therapy dog group and they come in a variety of sizes for all sized dogs.
Here is Ginger in her official blue vest: