Kissing problem

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Barked: Sat Mar 25, '06 9:31pm PST 
I have went to two therapy dog visits and I have so much fun. I think I was born to do this. I love people and people seem to love me. I only have one problem I seem to have a kissing problem. I want to kiss everyone and everything, kiss their hands, lips, legs, toes, face, anything I can reach. My mama has tried to stop me from kissing we practice all the time and I do it perfectly in training sessions. But when I go on a visit I cant seem to help myself. My mama has tried tapping me on the nose whenever I kiss someone and saying "no lick" but it doesnt seem to help. She has even tried holding my mouth shut but I try and squeeze my tongue through. The hardest part is when people encourage me to kiss them. Then I think it is a free for all and try to bath them. Which sort of grosses mama out. She doesnt want me to kiss because some people dont like it and for my own safety. Can anyone help my mama find a way to softly correct me while visiting with people.
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Barked: Sat Mar 25, '06 10:47pm PST 
There's a couple things you can do... WOOF! I'll let my mom list them:

The best way is to get a friend or someone to help with the training, so you can teach not to kiss anyone, not just not kiss you! That way you can have a friend come over or meet them out places to work on the training.
You can try bitter apple or something else bad-tasting, spray it on your/friends hands or other parts that are within kissing reach.
Another thing to do is whenever your dog starts licking, cross your arms turn away and ignore for a few seconds. Show your friends how to do this too to practice with other people. Soon your dog will learn kissing makes people turn away/the attention goes away!

A lot of times you may be rewarding something like this without realizing it, when your dog is licking and you make some noise or reaction or pay attention to the behavior (even if the attention is to say "Stop that!") they will consider that rewarding-- even "bad" attention is still attention and can be rewarding. Taking away all attention for a short time is often more effective.

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Barked: Wed Apr 5, '06 7:54pm PST 
I'm a Service Dog in Training (SDIT) for my mom and I have the same problem! I just love people (especially my mom) so much that I want to show them my affection through kisses. What my mom does is two-fold, first I was trained to know the difference between working & play/at home- when I'm allowed to give kisses. Second when I do start kissing inappropriately I get a sharp "down!" command and then a kibble once I obey.