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Death to tennis- balls
Barked: Tue Mar 21, '06 10:26pm PST 
Zeek is a Protective Services Canine. He is trained to observe, defend, protect and if necessary attack those who are threatening my husband, myself, His truck, or His home. He is also trained to be a bodyguard working with my husband or myself to defend others. He is actually a sissy dog when he is off duty and loooves to have his belly rubbed by little kids.

The Most- Helpfullest- Puppy in the- World
Barked: Wed Mar 22, '06 2:14pm PST 
What does your husband do that he requires a guard dog? I'll be Zeek does a good job just by standing nearby. He's about the same size as my shepherd, and most people give Colyn a lot of space.

Tiny- All Heart with a- Big Bark.
Barked: Wed Mar 22, '06 9:02pm PST 
Tiny eats the food so that it does not get carried away!!

Tiny also protects the family while he is in SD mode or just laid back. BOL, I suppose he will guard for food, too, if there is a piece of action for him too!!