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bella is the- original dogster- diva!
Barked: Fri Mar 17, '06 8:02pm PST 
i just watched an episode of the dog whisperer where a woman had panic attacks and had and ot service dog. the one thing the dog had trouble with was greeting other dogs. it was so neat to see the woman out and about and happy with the help of her dog! what a great episode.
Sabrina- 2000~2012

To break- injustice we- must break- silence
Barked: Fri Mar 17, '06 9:08pm PST 
I wish I got National Geographic! The person from the show is on my psychdog.org listserv so I've heard a lot about it. Glad you liked it!

Tiny- All Heart with a- Big Bark.
Barked: Wed Mar 22, '06 9:06pm PST 
I think that Dogs respond very well to whispers. The situation calms quickly. Tiny does best with a strong command due to his personality. That said, however, I must make my command strong, but pleasant or Tiny will feel that I am displeased with him and his feelings get hurt.

I used to train my dairy cows with whispers. My "girls" could show themselves in the ring!


Barked: Thu Mar 23, '06 3:11pm PST 
My mom and dad love that show! When there's a Dog Whisperer Marathon, they are glued to the TV!

It is great how that man understands us and how we think!
Pooch ~ I- miss you ~

love forever
Barked: Fri Mar 24, '06 3:37pm PST 
My mom doesn't like the show/methods very much, but it's nice that he can get results.
Jambi- Windle-Calla- s

Mecca lecca hi- mecca hiney ho!
Barked: Thu Mar 30, '06 5:19pm PST 
Is anybody going / has anybody been to the seminars Cesar is doing this year?
Finn McCool

a good ACD is a- tired ACD!
Barked: Thu Mar 30, '06 5:46pm PST 
Oh I love Cesar. I wish I had cable.
I was just visiting my parents and watched a marathon the other day. He really is amazing. I think I'm going to buy his book.
I'd like to get him to help me figure out why Finn doesn't want to play with us any more in the house or yard.
I have a question...I don't have a service dog...but how did that women (on the show) get a service dog that wasn't good meeting other dogs. I thought service dogs were rigorously trained for all interactions and situations. Just curious

Has anyone- petted me today?
Barked: Thu Mar 30, '06 6:02pm PST 
The lady had rescued her dog from a pound and it was her own personal dog, she just wanted to train it to become a service dog. The dog seemed to naturally calm her down from having her anxiety attacks. So she wanted the dog to be around her constantly.

I believe Cesar Milan is the best dog psychiatrist out there!!! He is so observant to a dog's behaviour and body language. I wish I could go out to Californina and learn and have him teach me the "dog whispering" ways. I love how he trains humans and rehabilitates the animal. Just plain AWESOME!
Sabrina- 2000~2012

To break- injustice we- must break- silence
Barked: Thu Mar 30, '06 6:08pm PST 
Hey Finn, that's a really good question...

There are actually two basic backgrounds a service dog can come from. These are called "program dogs" and "owner trained (OT) dogs".

A program dog is usually either born into the program or accepted in when they were still a very young puppy. The dog usually goes through non-disabled handlers in various puppy raiser stages and is professionally trained by an organization like Canine Companions for Independence or Guide Dogs for the Blind. The dog usually doesn't go to the ultimate disabled handler until it is fully trained.

An owner trained (OT) dog is a dog that is raised and trained by the disabled handler. These dogs can come from anywhere (animal shelter, breeder etc)... they can start their training as puppies or when they are young adults. The disabled handler does all the training, though they usually have help from a private trainer, or there are a very few schools that will assist OT dogs.

The main difference between the two types of dogs is cost. It costs thousands of dollars to get a program dog, and the waiting lists are often very long and the application process very hard. OT dogs can be gotten from the animal shelter (like Sabrina) and you only pay for the training you need.

While it would probably be very difficult for people with certain disabilities to train their own dogs (like guide dogs for the blind), for other disabilities it is actually therapudic to train the dog. For example, it is reccomended that people with psychiatric service dogs train their own dogs to help them feel like they are able to accomplish things. Also alerting to panic attacks and mood swings is usually different for each individual, so it would be hard to get a program dog that already knew your particular body chemistry to alert to your panic attacks or whatever.

Both program and OT dogs have the same access rights. A service dog is any dog that is trained to assist it's disabled handler, and both program dogs and OT dogs do this.

Hope this helps answer your question! If you have more questions, just post them in this forum and I and others will be happy to help answer them!

Skit 'em- Squirrels!
Barked: Sun Apr 2, '06 3:31pm PST 
Oh! We love the Dog Whisperer too! Cesar is just amazing with those dogs, and he is so great with their owners too.... I have to agree with his philosophy that the people are the ones that need to be trained on how to handle their dogs, it doesn't do any good to try to change the dog's behavior if the owner does not modify his/her behavior at the same time. I've actually tried some of his methods, and they do work! I've been working on not being so anxious around my dogs, so that they won't pick up on my mood. Especially when it's time to go for walks or rides in the car......instead of getting all excited and saying "come on! let's go for a walk...." rah rah rah, now I calmly get out the leash, make my dog sit and wait and not rush through the door ahead of me, and I don't say a word! That "GO" word just ruins everything! Now our walks are much calmer and slower and I don't get dragged down the street anymore either because I minimize the anxiety from the start! Thanks for that lesson Cesar! It really works!
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