Some People Can Be So Cruel

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Dodger Doodlenski

Are we gonna- learn something- new yet?
Barked: Fri Dec 30, '05 9:20am PST 
Hey everyone. Me and my mom just love Subways' and their employees. We were just at one today for lunch and my mom was eating. I was laying down being a good girl and waiting for mom. Some guy came in saw me and went up to the counter and in a very loud voice said " There is no way I'm going to eat here unless you kick that women and that filthy mutt out of here." Well mom was about to say something but before she could the employee said " That is your decision sir but she has the right by law to be here and eat. We will NOT ask her or anyone else with a Service Animal to leave any of our resturants unless the animal is causing a disturbance such as barking uncontrollably and the handler is not doing anything." Well needless to say the guy left mumbling about stupid idiots who clearly don't have a thing wrong being allowed to violent the health codes and bring filthy rotten animals into businesses. My mom made sure to thank the employee before we left. The employee actuall tried to apolize to my mom for the guys behaviour.....mom told her she is not to blame and therefore has no right to apolize for the guy.
Duchess- Isabella

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Barked: Fri Dec 30, '05 12:46pm PST 
Oh, I'm sorry that you and your mommy had that experience! It must have been very hard for your mommy and you. Three cheers for the Subway crew. I love hearing good stories about establishments, we hear so many bad stories.