What do I have to do to help?

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Barked: Wed Dec 21, '05 9:11am PST 
Heys guys, I'm Beetle, I'm really REALLY new 'round here but I'm learnin' the ropes of bein' a dog 'n stoof.
I gots a BIG ol' question - my mommy has been wantin' ta get one of my sisters certified as a therapy doggie but they all have problems that would make it hard ta pass the tests - Apple's stubborn an' at times just refuses ta mind, Foxi's WAAAAAAAY too hyper ALL the time, an' Jade is really nice an' friendly but she gets nervous in new situations too easily an' even though Mommy's been workin' with her she hasn't been respondin' well.
So Mommy looked at me the other day, an' said ta me, "Beets, would you like ta go and see old peoples an' sick peoples an' visit with them?"
Wow, more attention! This sounds great! But I'm a little guy, just under three pounds right now, an' I'm a little slow ta move about since I don't have any feets. Do I hafta pass a special test like other therapy doggies or since I'm the way I am, do I only need a proof of good health from a vet sos I can go an' visit people in nursin' homes an' other places?
Thanks for the infos!

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Barked: Thu Dec 22, '05 10:54pm PST 
Hi Beets! You're sure a cutie patootie!

Some nursing homes and such places will allow people to bring their well mannered dogs to visit patients even if the dog isn't certified as a therapy dog. You could ask around at the area nursing homes and see if they'd be interested and willing to have you visit. Worth a shot!

But my best advice would be to do it the "official" way. Take some obedience classes (or have mom teach you herself... that's what I did with all the doggers in our house!) and get your CGC (Canine Good Citizen) certification.

To pass the CGC test you'll need to be very obedient and well mannered and be able to do lots of neat little things that the tester will ask your mom to do with you.

You can have your mom contact Delta Society, or one of the Pet Therapy organizations such at TDI (Therapy Dogs International). You can do a Google search online for "pet therapy" or "therapy dog" and will find lots and lots of good info. I'm sure some others here have the exact web addresses for you and will pass them along, but a Google search will get ya started on the right track.

It sounds like you could be a wonderful therapy dog! Good luck and keep us posted!