Update on leash aggression issue...and it's GREAT news!!!

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Sabrina- 2000~2012

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Barked: Mon Dec 19, '05 11:58am PST 
Yeah, I'm so happy you're not mad! We live in a 450 sq ft house and have a yard that is about 200 sq ft so I know what you mean!

There are some off-leash areas around us that aren't dog parks (they aren't places just for dogs... it just so happens that dogs are allowed off leash there). These usually aren't so crowded and the laws around here say that the dogs must be leashed or under voice control when passing other dogs. Look up if you have any municipal areas like this in your area. Around us they are usually county or state owned watersheds and areas like that. State parks usually don't allow dogs, but I've found that county parks and regional park distracts usually allow dogs off lead.

The other answer is to go to places where dogs must be leashed but get a really long leash. We have two really long leashes that we use. One is a flexi-lead that is super long (36 ft?). The other is a flat lead that is 20 ft long. We usually use the flexi because it's easier on us, but we make sure it's attached to her regular collar, not the gentle leader. Sabrina knows that when her leash is attached to her regular collar it is off-duty time. The long flexi lead is great because you can still play fetch with it, Dodger can run in big circles, chase things etc, but you also have that contol if need be. In fact, when we go to the off-leash watersheds etc. I almost always have Sabrina on her flexi-lead because there still are some dogs there that aren't under voice control (but very very few). Plus, they allow grazing on the lands and Sabrina really wants to investigate the cows so it makes me feel more secure to have her on her flexi lead. We go on walks with Sabrina's best friend who has no interest in other dogs or cows, and he is off-lead. They play just fine with her on lead and him off.

Hope that helps you out!
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Barked: Mon Dec 19, '05 12:11pm PST 
We probably won't be going back to the dog park?????All well that's ok with me cause I got "the runs" after the last time we went there. I only had them for one day and did not have any other symptoms....but still it was definatly not fun. Mom had to take my binkie (blanket) away from me and wash it twice and after that she didn't dare to let me have it back until I was better. Besides there aren't enough small dogs there for me to play with. That's ok mom said she asked all you guys for advice on where we can go and play off leash.
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Barked: Mon Dec 19, '05 3:52pm PST 
I'm sure there are plenty of places in NH for dogs to walk off-leash. I just returned a book on dog friendly places in new england to a friend. I can ask her what it was called. I think it was "the dog lovers guide to new england". It notes whether leashes are required or not.

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