Local Restaurant won't allow SDs

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Barked: Wed Dec 14, '05 12:28pm PST 
Lily's mom here; There is a nice chinese restaurant a few towns away. My sister went there with her friend and her friend's (100%) blind mother (she has glass eyes). The mother had a guide dog at the time that has since passed away (only happened a few months ago). The owners of the restaurant insisted she could not bring her guide dog in the dining room. Their excuse was that dogs are not allowed in restaurants in China and therefore shouldn't be in the US, even though they were informed that it is federal law. They were real jerks to the poor old lady. This restaurant makes really good food and we would like to be able to go but are afraid of confrontation and the owners making a scene. Something really should be done about the owners of this place. They have no consideration for the disabled. The place is not accessible. The bathrooms are very narrow and the stalls so small you have barely any room. I don't think the place even has wheelchair access. The mother is not the type of person to file a complaint.
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Barked: Wed Dec 14, '05 12:49pm PST 
If you feel up to it you can go prepared with copies of the law. When they deny access you can call the police, who I believe are required to come to the restaurant and ensure you get access. This hopefully will help teach them about the laws. There is a thread called Someone was very rude to us, and it deals with Dodger and her handler being denied access to a Chinese restaurant near them. There were lots of suggestions in there about how to handle it.

Personally I don't go to Chinese restaurants-- I get takeout for this reason!

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Barked: Wed Dec 14, '05 9:36pm PST 
Hi Lily! None of us are SD's, but Dodger had this same problem! Check out other threads in this forum topic for the full story. Maybe it will help you out!
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Barked: Wed Dec 14, '05 9:50pm PST 
Go there and DON'T be afraid of confrontation! You are in the right, not them. Bring info on access law, but it sounds like this restaurant is like many other Chinese places and will not pay any heed to the info you supply.

Don't even argue... just walk right in, sit down, and wait for them to take your order. If they refuse, sit right there and call the police on your cell phone.

If the cops claim it's a civil matter, inform them that it is NOT, it's a criminal matter, as the restaurant staff are breaking the law! Don't let them give you any crap.

There's a Chinese restaurant here in our city that tries this crap EVERY time I go in there with my guide dog. I tried the education route the first few times to no avail, so now I just walk in, inform them I'm going to call the police if they refuse to serve me, and they serve me and there's no problem. Yes, they do try to rush me and my friends or family thru our meals, but we just take our time and enjoy ourselves. We DO NOT let them have the upper hand. I'm in the right, not them.

You need to stand up for your rights... don't let these people bully you. It's sad that the old woman with the guide dog didn't press charges... she would've won hands (er, paws?) down! And you will too if they refuse you service and you make a case against them.

Karen Ann