Duke went to the Bridge 7/26/13

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Duke (RIP)

Barked: Tue Jul 30, '13 2:02am PST 
Our beloved Duke got ill and passed away last week. He was only nine. We truly thought we had 4-6 years left with him. His mom is still with us.

Duke was a healthy, strong boy and suddenly got sick. In 8 days total he got sick, went to vet, got put on meds, improved and then Friday he went downhill and died. Vet said either bad infection or leukemia. Labs they initially did pointed to leukemia but amazing how quickly it all hit. (He became anemic so quickly, for example). They did a tox to rule out poisoning. At any rate, we miss our faithful family member terribly and are just in shock at his quick and unexpected departure. Until one of us comes to take you to Heaven, enjoy Rainbow Bridge and say hello to Tiny, Rascal, Shayllie, Dinky, Sarita, Scout and even Lu the snake and Pepa the Goat for me. rainbow

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So sorry for your loss, what a beautiful boy.hughughughughughughughughughug
Maci & Harley & Jigar

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So sorry for your loss. I love Duke's smile - adorable!


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Cleo (In- Memory)

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I am so sorry for your loss. I had exactly 24 hrs with 8 yo Cleo.. so I know how hard and unready its possible to be.

Sail on Fair Winds and Calm Seas Duke....


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