Third Eyelid Showing in Senior Dog - Help :)

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Barked: Fri Mar 1, '13 5:24pm PST 
I have a 15 year old dog whom I got as a rescue when she was about 7 or 8 years old (all estimates). A day ago the bottom portion of her third eyelid started showing more, and is covering half her eye. I tried a few of the online home remedies like warm water, wetting drops, olive oil, and gentle massage, and it actually fixed itself for a while, but now it's back.
What can I do, short of surgery?
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Barked: Fri Mar 1, '13 6:28pm PST 
There are prescription drops you can get from the vet. I would bring her in and have the vet take a look at your dog's eye.

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I would take her to the vet. In an older dog it could be so many things from allergies or an eye problem to something more serious.

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First things first, do you have any idea of how or why your dog's third eyelid was showing? Has your dog recently suffered any blunt trauma to the head? Does the eye appear to be fine in every other respect? Is your dog having a difficult time keeping that eye open? Is there any discharge from the eye?

It's important that you at least figure out why the third eyelid is showing. First order of treatment is usually an ointment to reduce the swelling. If that doesn't work, tacking is an option.

Pay close attention to both eyelids as well. If both are swollen, you should really go to the vet immediately.