Loss of Housetraining

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Winnie Mae

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Barked: Mon Feb 11, '13 4:07pm PST 
I promised a friend that I would look into this for her, so here I am. I thought about posting to B&T or Health, but I decided to post here. I've not looked into this at all yet, except to post here, so anyway, here it goes:

My friend has an 11.5-year-old male Schnauzer named Auggie. He lives in a home with a middle-aged couple, their college freshman son (19) and their three daughters who fall between the ages of 9 and 17. The family is highly functioning, very happy, joyful people who cooperate and work together well. The family has always been busy, though lately there has been a bit more stress because the wife had a surgery a few weeks ago, the husband's work has been a bit more stressful, and the son just started college in August.

Now, for the behavior. Right around Thanksgiving, the wife came home with a bag full of new jeans for her son. She set it in his room on the floor. When she came back up the stairs, Auggie had peed on the bag. Then (I'm not sure how long after), Auggie peed on a notebook that a neighbor had given to them, also on the floor near a bedroom. At this point, the wife (who did a little vet science/animal behavior in college) thought that he was just upset by things that were new to the house, because both instances had been with a strange object. But then he peed on one of the girls' dresses. I don't know what all else he has peed on, but it has been enough for the husband to be quite angered.

He has had his kidneys checked, and everything was normal, though I can't remember what exactly was tested. She said there were a few more tests they were considering, but again, I don't remember what she said. I can find out, however.

So . . . opinions? Help? I think they should keep pursuing the medical side of it, but in the meantime, is there anything she can be doing to help him stop this behavior? She said he's never done anything like this before. What sorts of tests should they be looking into?

Thank you so much!

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Barked: Tue Feb 12, '13 8:14pm PST 
If it's not health or age related then it can just be making a statement of sorts. Two of our senior cats do that as well, no health issues, I just think they're givivng their opinion of dogs in their house. I would say it's just about keeping things out of peeing range and maybe the behavior will stop.

Furever Baby
Barked: Tue Feb 19, '13 7:34am PST 
I would agree, if it is not health related I'd say Auggie is communicating that he is not happy with the atmosphere in the house with the added changes and stress. He may not be getting as much attention also. Keep stuff of the floor so he can't pee on it, keep the stress down and hopefully this behavior will pass.

Winnie Mae

Just let me jump- it!
Barked: Mon Feb 25, '13 6:48pm PST 
Thank you for your help!

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Barked: Wed Mar 27, '13 12:34am PST 
True. From what you said, I would say the dog must have been stressed out what with all the preparations for Thanksgiving that the family is getting ready for. It would probably help if they would tone down the stress triggers or take the dog away from the busiest parts of the house during the busy times.