Introducing A New Dog to Two Senior Dogs

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Hi there,

We have three dogs, or did - our Snickers passed away and the ripe old age of 15 years old last week. Annie (f) and Boomer (m) are 14 and 11 respectively and I'm wondering when, or even if it's wise, to bring another dog into the family. We would probably get an adult dog since we work and wouldn't have the time to devote to a pupster.

Would it be unfair to the other two dogs? It wouldn't be until the new year probably but still, don't know if it's wise to do this or not.

Any suggestions?

Blessings and Happy Thanksgiving!


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Whether it's wise or not depends on your two dogs. If you do decide to get another one, I would take the two you have now with you when you go see the future new dog. That way, they meet on neutral territory and you will know if they will get along or not. We did that when we got Koby and it worked great! Good Luck!
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It depends on what you want as a dog owner. If you're looking to have 3 dogs because you're used to having three, and enjoyed the way they all just coexisted... Finding and acclimating a new dog now is probably going to be difficult for you. It will knock your routine out of whack for at least 4 months while everyone settles and gets used to eachother, and there is a possibility of grumpy old dogs not appreciating a newcomer. In this situation, your best bet would be to adopt another senior so their energy levels are all lower, but this can get very difficult emotionally.

If you're looking to introduce some young energy to your home because you want to exercise and educate a young dog again, then go for it! It's only unfair to your old guys if you let the young dog take over their home. Make sure they have their own safe spaces to retreat to, and commit to teaching the newcomer it is NEVER ok to pester the elders! This may mean keeping dogs in separate areas of the house much of the time, even if they can technically be together some of the time... It totally depends on your dogs.

I rescued Ember fresh off the streets when she was 2.5 and Vance was 7.5 with arthritis and an attitude problem. It worked because I let him keep "his" home. In our case, it was the bedroom that was his. She slept crated at night, and was not allowed in the bedroom otherwise - until Vance decided to let her in. Even then, the bedroom was a no-play zone for napping only and no matter where we were, when Vance said "no more" it was final. I worked hard to give her other outlets for her energy and need to socialize while also keeping my one-on-one time with Vance. I'm still glad I chose to take Ember in - It was a TON of work, but I wanted it and it was worth it to me.

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I am with Koby on this one. If you do introduce a new dog to two senior dogs in your home, then there is a huge chance that they will act all dominant towards the newcomer. Besides, it worked with Koby. You can try it out.