Balling up rugs?

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Barked: Wed Apr 4, '12 7:40am PST 
In the last few months my dog Zoe has been balling up the mats in the bathroom. She doesn't doesn't pee on them, just scratches them up in a heap. I always make sure she has plenty of chances to go out so I don't believe it's related to a need to go to the bathroom (sometimes she'll do it shortly after going out). And it doesn't appear to be related to me being away from home.

This really isn't a problem for me but I worry that she's uncomfortable or unhappy. She lost her hearing a while back and her vision is somewhat diminished too. But she still loves to go for a walk and sniff her way around the block.

Has anyone run across this with a senior dog? Perhaps it's just a personality quick and if so that's fine. It's not destructive and I can simply straighten the rugs out with a quick shake. As I say, I just worry that maybe something is bothering her that I don't know about.

Thanks for any thoughts!

Barked: Thu Apr 5, '12 9:29pm PST 
My grandparents senior dog does the same thing. They do it to "make their bed" or so im told.wolves do it to bunch up the dirt.
Tessa Fenris

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Barked: Fri Apr 6, '12 9:56am PST 
We got used comforters to put on the floor for Tessa when she couldn't get on the couch any more, and she would 'nest' in them.
Does your girl take a nap on the bunched-up mats? Tess just bunched up her comforters to make them more comfortable for her.


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Barked: Fri Apr 6, '12 10:09am PST 
Joker does the same thing with one of the rugs in the spare bedroom. He balls it up and leaves it. He has done this occasionally for the past 5 years now. I have no idea why but I find it pretty funny.

Barked: Fri Apr 6, '12 5:42pm PST 
Huck does to my bed, lol I leave for work to a nice and neat bed and I come home from work to a completely unmade wad of comforter and blankets, I think he is just trying to get comfortable but whatevershock, lol
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Barked: Sat Apr 7, '12 7:10am PST 
Simba does the same thing just before bedtime. It's definitely the "nesting instinct" with him ... and it seems to be an older dog trait too. Nothing to worry about, for sure.

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Barked: Sun Apr 8, '12 10:36am PST 
Check out my Digging Videos.

I've always done this - especially when I've EATEN & I'M HAPPY!- since this is the SECOND couch that Mom has had to buy for me - - Mom finds it precious & endearinghug

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Barked: Mon Apr 9, '12 2:37pm PST 
Zack does this all the time, he builds very elaborate nests, often absorbing every single blanket and pillow he can get his paws on. He especially likes the ones I use, probably because they smell like me. laugh out loud

If I want a "nice" blanket to use while watching tv, I have to fold it up and put it where he can't reach it - otherwise he'll take it. You don't want to know how many blankets I've had to pass down to him because they smell like dog and stay covered in dog hair, even after being washed multiple times. laugh out loud

If there are no blankets/pillows on the couch, he will attempt to dig a hole IN the couch - or in his dog bed. He doesn't sleep on my bed, it is very high and I don't think he can get in it.

OT - At night, Zack also prefers to be "tucked in" - he won't fully settle down until you cover him with a blanket and tell him good night. wink

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Barked: Tue Apr 10, '12 2:25am PST 
The dirtier the rug sometimes, the more a dog loves to roll it. I've seen this behavior. haha!

Barked: Tue Apr 10, '12 12:40pm PST 
Everyone, thanks so much for sharing. It really makes me feel better about my little bug.
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