Lantis turned 14 years old today!

Share advice for keeping your aging dog happy and healthy

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dog-sitter in- charge.
Barked: Tue Jan 31, '12 9:18am PST 
Our senior citizen Dobermann has turned 14 years old today! He came home with us when he was 8 weeks old, and I was a kid. He's moved all over the US, seen, and lived through a lot, including raising up 3 other pups, for a while a house with cats, and many things in between including seeing me and my sisters through high school, college, and nowadays grad school..

Not too shabby for a pup from humble beginnings.. cheerparty

Cave canis- vigilo omnis
Barked: Tue Jan 31, '12 9:21am PST 
Happy, happy birthday to the elder statesman of your pack! big grin


too old to eat- any more KD
Barked: Tue Jan 31, '12 9:22am PST 
Lantis...have a super-duper awesome barkday partypartypartypartywisheshamster dancewishesdancing

Savannah Blue Belle

A Heart of Gold!
Barked: Tue Jan 31, '12 9:37am PST 
Lantis, YOU are a Class A Fella!
Shane DEC- '08-JAN '12- RIP

In dreams I walk- with you..
Barked: Tue Jan 31, '12 9:44am PST 
balloons party Happy Birthday big guy!! party balloons

Barked: Tue Jan 31, '12 10:02am PST 
Happy birthday~ !!party

Miss- Pig!
Barked: Tue Jan 31, '12 10:05am PST 
Happy Birthday Lantis! party

I want to play!
Barked: Tue Jan 31, '12 10:32am PST 
Happy birthday!

Barked: Tue Jan 31, '12 11:25am PST 
Happy Birthday!!!!! party

Zora - Wonderdog
Barked: Tue Jan 31, '12 11:40am PST 
14 years is fantastic, happy birthday! hamster dance
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