What is the oldest Basset Hound out there?

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My basset hound Floppy is 9 1/2 now and she is still very active and loves her KibblesnBits (Homestyle). I have noticed her slowing just a little when she comes up the steps on the back deck. She has to be the most active basset hound I have ever seen. Her first couple of years was her being confined to a very small dog pen. When I got her we built her a large dog lot and let her out everyday to let her run and play with the other dogs (She will not sleep if she is not locked behind a gate, before someone snaps at me for her being in a dog lot. Her dog lot is the entire back yard we spent $2000 fencing in an area for her). She has been with us for 7 1/2 yrs she has gone from 24 lbs to 50 lbs but she is not a small dog. The vet says she is very healthy and in great shape. I worry that her time is limited with me but who knows she could live manymore years. We had another basset hound Elvis that lived to be 13 yrs old.

I would like to know who has older basset hounds and how old they are. I would love for my baby to live as long I do but I know that will never happen. I know I should not be so attached to a dog but she is like one of my children.

Her beautiful brown markings on her face a slowing turning gray.

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The Basset rescue around here used to have a girl that was 17!!!

You might want to consider adding supplements like glucosamine and changing to a better food.
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We groom basset sisters who are going to be 15 next month. While one has lost her eyes, they are both otherwise in good health.
Weight management and joint support supplements have definitely contributed to their longevity.

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My friend's basset lived to be 17. She was in very poor health her final year, but healthy and happy for the first 16.
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Agreed, most of the Bassets and Basset mixes we've known have been very long lived. Kibbles 'n' Bits isn't considered the healthiest food out there, about like eating Burger King every day yourself. You might want to look into a more healthful food so she continues to thrive into her golden years.

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My Basset Hound Presley is 13 and going strong.........she moves slower than she used to, but otherwise she is healthy......#1 key to good health for the Basset is controlling their weight.......also, purchase the highest quality food you can afford, and take them to the vet at least twice a year for a check-up
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Lucy, the pretty lil' angel, was a month away from her 15th birthday when she went to the bridge in September.

There are some oldies but goodies at the House of Puddles, a retirement home for Bassets.
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We love the HoP! cloud 9